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17 marketing techniques to launch your clothing label: The Essentials Guide

How can you stimulate the sales of your clothing brand in no time? Discover it in the Essentials Guide. 

Your clothing line is on point, the clothing have a top-quality and your designs are incredible. Shortly, your clothing line is ready to conquer the fashion world.

Nevertheless, there is one big question:
Why are similar clothing brands more popular than mine?

It looks like other clothing brands are born to be lucky. They have lots of fans, their image is all-known and their sales are huge. You would think that it’s a matter of luck. But I can assure you, none of this has to do with luck. There’s a great chance that you are missing one piece of the puzzle: practicable marketing tips in order to boost the success of your clothing brand. This marketing guide sums up 17 practicable tips that are easy to implement. 

1) Storytelling: from customers to loyal fans

People will wear you clothes if they believe your brand story. For instance, your brand tells the story of an adventurous youth. Every day a new adventure, seize the day, you only live once, do something you’d normally never do, expand your boundaries, make your dreams come true,… This story has to fit with your clothing line. Your adventurous story can be told with your clothing line, for instance t-shirts with an exotic print, a comfort baggy pants and a backpack. Perfect clothes for world travelers. Integrate that story in every message of your communication, tell it on social media and on your website. That way, your client will truly believe your story and will fall in love with your brand.

Voorbeeld van storytelling

2) Partnerships: find your ideal partner and multiply your customers

If you want to conquer the fashion world with your clothing line, we advise you to work together with partners. If you’re launching a clothing brand, it’s smart to cooperate with smaller and similar clothing brands. Don’t think ‘Nike is my perfect partner’. Let’s be realistic 😉 Good cooperations are the ones with clothing brands enforcing each other. Besides, there are also other options, for example working together with an accessory label. This could be the perfect combo for your clothing brand.

That way, you can achieve success by creating a unique product with your partner. The fans of your partner will get interested in your brand because you’re his coolest sidekick partner that created the must have product. His clients will get interested in your brand and visa versa. The result: you create more customers and both images will be enforced. So you know what you have to do: start looking for your perfect partner and explore the possibilities.

Do you need examples? Check out this inspiring article that illustrates the cooperation between clothing brands:

partnership between brands


3) E-mailsignature: a small effort with a big result

The end of your sent e-mails is very important. Don’t you want to do more than expressing your kind regards? It’s a must to integrate your website and social media canals in your signature. Thus, more people will visit your communication canals. And that’s exactly what you want if you’re extending your clothing brand.

For example, you can add a PS at the end and mention briefly your Facebook campaign to invite the recipient to participate your giveaway action. You can conclude with a powerful banner after referring to your website and social media canals. Need an example? Here’s how we centred our nomination for the Roeselare Awards:

e-mail footer

4) Organise a giveaway on Facebook/Instagram: The likes and fines pile up

Giving away your clothes for free is not something you do at random. A giveaway action creates more likes on your Facbook Page and new customers. For example, you can give a unique sweater to a person that shared your action as a sneak peak. Off course, the condition is that the participant likes your Facbook Page. And the icing on the cake, you can motivate the participants to encourage their friends to join the giveaway action. That way, you give the participant more chance winning the campaign because attracting more participants deserves a reward. Your Facebook Page will have more visibility and there will be interaction. You should definitely read the concrete action points if you don’t want to miss the crucial points for the organisation off your giveaway action. Discover the checklist here.

Discover here how you can start a successful facebook giveaway:

Voorbeeld van een social media campagne met een wedstrijd


5) Photoshoot: picture your clothing line

Your clothing line has to be in the spotlight. It’s a must to organise a photoshoot with models who fit the style of your brand. Even if your clothing line is on point, your clothes won’t sell without pictures that fits your clothing style. The story and the style of your brand has to be translated into the pictures. To put it in an idiom: a clothing line without good pictures is like a pub with no beer. It’s important that you are prepared. Chose wisely the models, the setting, the poses and the attributes. Everything has to be all about your brand story. Moreover, you need two kinds of pictures: photos for the webshop and photos for your other communication channel like the website, social media and marketing actions.

For example, as a sports brand, you can shoot action pictures in an adventurous setting. On the other hand, if you’re promoting a girly glitter brand, you can chose for pictures à la Coco Chanel. A photo shoot is an absolute must to have your brand in the spotlight. Create the wauw effect, your pictures has to result in people running to your store (or surfing to your webshop).


6) Social media as your trump card: more visitors on your online channels

You can obtain fantastic results if you use your social media channels effectively. Yep, it’s 100% free. Social media is the standard to express the image of your brand positively. Most important of all, social media creates more fans and results eventually in more customers. In fact, there will be more visitors on your website and your webshop if you effectively boost your social media channels. And more visitors on your website is good for your sell numbers. For example, a realistic situation is that 1% of your visitors o uys something. So the more visitors on your website, the more growth in your sell numbers.

Interesting facts about Instagram:
Visual content is shared 40 times more than other content. Instagram is perfect, as it is 100% visual. Especially the age group 18-34 year is active on Instagram. This group represents 66% of all active users. Instagram is perfect for clothing brands. Do you want to know more about Instagram marketing? Here’s an interesting article:

instagram statistics



7) Bloggers: promote your brand recoginition

A strong brand recognition is essential for starting clothing brands. Shortly, your brand story has to be known. That brand story will be valuable if others talk about it. Especially influential people like known bloggers or celebrities can influence the image of your brand. Find out which blogger can be interested in your brand. Keep in mind that bloggers will write about your brand if they are truly interested. So it’s important that you contact bloggers that have a style similar to your brand style. Good tip: spoil influential bloggers by sending them a gift, for example a unique clothing piece off your collection. Convince bloggers that your brand is worth writing about.

Discover 12 ways to cooperate with influential bloggers in this inspiring blogpost:


8) Retail shop: find the perfect store for your brand

Let’s go, run to the shopping street and convince every store to sell your clothes immediately. Oh no, stop, take a breath. This strategy won’t work unfortunately. You can’t sell your clothing line in every retail shop that you want. First, think about the possible retail shops that can be interested in your clothing brand. Which clothing brand fits the style of your brand? You can convince shop sellers by convincing them that your clothing brand will sell. I advise you to suggest the retail shop that you can sell on commission, that way the shop owners will consider that your clothing brand totally fits the shop.

But what do you have to do, step by step? This guide can be a great help:


9)  The strength of E-commerce: your shop 24/7

For recent years, online shopping has known an increasing trend. Statistics proved that 74% off all belgians bought at least one thing online. From toothbrushes to drilling machines, from post-its to chalk boards, etc. Especially clothing brands are bought online. Starting clothing brands can become popular if you communicate effectively on your online platforms. Thereby, selling through your online store is a must to boost your sales. The big advantage of selling online is that there are no closing hours. We would suggest the firm Storelaunchers, in no time you can start up your webshop. More info:

Do you want to start your own clothing brand? But you don’t know how? We offer you a masterclass with all the information you need to start a successful brand





10) Email marketing works: the destiny of your news is in your own hands

A lot of brands focus on different ways on social media. And they should, as these channels are indispensable. But, did you know that newsletters are about 40 times more efficient than social media? Research proved that email marketing attracts more customers compared to marketing through social media. If you want to tell something great to as many potential customers as possible, then the newsletter is the channel you need. The biggest advantage is that your content in a newsletter will be read more as there are a lot of competitors on social media which causes distraction to your potential customers. Briefly, email marketing is the best way of informing people about your novelties. If you wish to see the results of the research about email marketing vs. social media, you can read about it here:

If you wish to see the results of the research about email marketing vs social media, you can read about it here:



11) Blog till you drop: your brand as an inspiration

Did you know that you can increase your sales even more by telling a creative and credible story to your customer? The key to success is to make sure that your customers actually believe what you are telling them. The story of your brand could fit perfectly in your blog. Writing some interesting blog posts causes more results than just improving your turnover. As a result, your readers will be more interested in your brand. You could even inspire them by the appearance of your clothing. The possibilities of writing a blog post are limitless. You will leave a better impression and make your brand more positive and creating more awareness just by writing some blog posts. 



12)  Collaborate with webshops: multiply your customers

You already have a webshop? That’s great! Obviously, you aren’t the only one. There are lots of brands that sell online. Don’t worry, it’s more like an opportunity rather than a disadvantage for you. You could work together with other webshops, referring each other to customers. You could provide the customer with a voucher of another webshop when he/she bought something for yours. Win-win. The happy customer will like you even more, while your partner will most likely have another (potential) customer. This makes it a sort of “customer-exchanging”.

coupon voorbeeld


13)  Facebook advertising: small budget, great results

Advertising through Facebook is the perfect way of ‘luring’ more visitors to your website. Why? Very simple: there are over 1,790,000,000 active Facebook users each month. Worth a shot, right? A giant network is waiting for you. The biggest strength of Facebook advertising: pointing your ads to your target group. But be careful, your advertisement has to be convincing, creative and visual. Avoid launching boring commercials. A practical step-by-step plan for your campaign through Facebook can be found here:



14)  Word-of-mouth advertising: happy customers will spread the news

The best way of advertising happens through your customers. Real fans, who fully support your brand, will happily promote your corporate image. Fans don’t pop up by themselves: the condition of having a powerful and reliable brand story has to be met. Provide your customer with a unique shopping experience both in your store and in your Facebook post. You should occasionally provide your loyal customers with a bonus. For example: invite your customers to like your Facebook page, or to follow your brand on Instagram. In exchange, the customer receives the opportunity to win a unique set of cosy socks, a warm beanie and a pair of great gloves. The “thank you” post on social media will be there without any doubt.

Be creative with the rewards.


15)  Create the wow effect: limited editions

You can score even more when adding limited items to your collection. Creating the ‘limited-feeling’ has a positive influence on your sales. The customer will be tempted to buy your item as it will be limited for a short period of time. An example might be a trendy sweater with sequins. Offer no more than 25 pieces. The tiny group of customers who managed to buy one, will probably post a picture of your limited item on social media which will create a subject for discussion. Need inspiration to create an original design? Have a look at the following decoration techniques:



16)  Impress the press: the perfect pitch will create brand awareness

Launching your brand in the press is the perfect way to acquire attention. For example, the opening of your pop-up store might be hot news in your region. The press will decide whether they will mention your brand or not. Be prepared when addressing the press and ask yourself the following question: “what journalists could be interested in my brand?”. Contact them and mention briefly your pitch. Convince the interviewer by telling interesting news in a powerful way. As a conclusion, make sure their interest in your brand keeps growing; the positive articles about your brand will be the result.

Click on the following link to learn more about preparing the perfect link:



17) Pop-up shop: skyrocket your turnover

A lot of clothing brands are being sold in both a store and a webshop, but believe me, these aren’t the two  only channels of selling clothes. The most effective way of boosting your sales figures and reinforcing your brand awareness is by opening a pop-up store. It requires some time and money, but it is worth it. The biggest advantage is that you provide the visitors of your pop-up store with a unique shopping experience when compared to brick-and-mortar stores. The key of your pop-up is the location; always keep in mind your target group: where can you find them? Useful tip: if you are looking for a temporary space, you could rent one through Spacified. Explore its platform here:

pop up shop


Might sound like a tall order, these 17 marketing tips. Start small and use the most efficient tips & tricks for your company. You will be able to set up your marketing plan on both short-term and long-term. I advise you to download the checklist, just to get everything straight. It will offer you a structured overview of all the performable points of action which belong to all the marketing tips given.

Do you want to start your own clothing brand? But you don’t know how?

We offer you a masterclass with all the information you need to start a successful brand




Feel like starting your own clothing brand? Let us be your partners in crime. Call us, write us, visit us.

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