We are your complete partner for design, production & e-commerce.
We create, ship & support the clothing your sell to your customers.
For starting Brands
For starting Brands
Start your own Clothing Brand
Start now your own clothing label with the help of our services. We help starting entrepreneurs with design advice, take care of the high quality production and make sure you can start selling online fast and affordable.
For expanding Brands
For expanding Brands
Grow your Clothing Brand
With our specific services we can support your clothing label in it's growth. On our e-commerce platform, we offer a fulfilment option, this way you free up more time for marketing & sales. Next to the backoffice services, we offer fully custom production, so you can make your brand even more exclusive.
For Clothing Stores
For Clothing Stores
Make your Shop unique with your own Brand
A lot of clothing shops have access to the same catalogues from the same brands. This gives customers the opportunity to just shop around. Make your store unique with your own clothing brand, this way you can keep an exclusive customer base.

How to start a clothing line? We’ll show you.

Create Custom Merchandise

Design your clothing

Merchandise Essentials helps you design & create wonderful clothing for your brand. Only the very best quality and style.

Sell Custom Merchandise

Sell clothing online

You can immediately start selling online on your standalone webshop. We can take care of everything for you online store.

Merchandise Full Service

We ship your clothing

We store your goods, ship the orders, take care of your customers and all other services. We are your full backoffice.

A selection from our premium clothing catalog

These articles are form the highest quality and immediately available.
The standard production time is 15 working days after confirmation.

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Ultimate Guide: Start Your Clothing Brand

Interested in starting your own clothing brand? This E-book gives you all the necessary insights to launch your own label. Design, Marketing, E-commerce, Photography,…

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Custom Clothing

We also offer the production of fully custom clothing. Next to our standard catalog, we also produce fashionable clothing according to your design. This is possible from 300 pieces per style .

Endless Possibilities 

Custom dresses, custom jackets, custom sweaters, custom tops,… Everything can be produced from your vision. When looking at fully custom production you have to calculate for a turnaround time of 4 months from design to final delivery.

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