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We collected some great T-shirt designs for your inspiration. We love great shirts, so big support for the designers who created these little masterpieces. Keep up the good work and continue creating.

Abraham by Alex Solis

You can never go wrong with Abraham Lincoln fighting a T-Rex! Great design from Alex Solis.

Wolf shirt by Ko de Bruin

This is an awesome Wolf design, very smooth Ko de Bruin

Vintage Sailing by Denim Blue


Amazing vintage design by Slinky Styles for Denim Blue.

Marvel by Unplugged Studio

With their cut & sew designs Unplugged Studio makes instant cult classic shirts.

 Ultimate Summer by Marylou Faure


Marylou Faure knows how to bring fun in a t-shirt. Jup, instant summerfeeling!

Technicolour Rex by Elisha Hale


Just looking at the shirt says enough i think… Great design from Elisha Hale!

STÜSSY X WOEI TEE by Banee design


Great stylish shirt. Instant wearable, smooth, crisp. By Banee design.

 Scandinavia Club by Dock 57


1-Color minimalistic illustrations by the Dock 57 crew.


Superb allover shirt design by We are Büro for Puma.

Planetary alignement by Nicholas Menghiniplanetary management

Minimalistic design by Nicholas Menghini showing our solarsystem.

Drown my Demons by Pelliscopellisco

Tropical inspired shirt design by Pellisco.

The Overloadr by Overloadr


Beautiful illustration of “The Overloadr“.

Neff Bad Kids Club by Valistikaneff

Colorful t-shirt design by Valistika displaying the “Bad Kids Club”

Bear by Medicine Everyday TherapyMedicineeverydaytherapy

Amazing detailed Illustration by Medecin Everyday Therapy

Love now Cry later by VOTRE TEXTE ICIlovenowcrylater

Perfectly designed positive message by VOTRE TEXTE ICI.

Stay Hungry by Lazywacklazywack

Very impressive tee by Lazywack crew.

Hipster King’s County by Brooklyn Industries

Clever modernisation of the playing cards king by Brookly Industries.

The great monster of Kanagawa by Dinomike kagawa

Very awesome illustration by Dinomike!

Heather Denim by Inspectedinspected

Great subtle pattern shirt, Inspected always deliveres on design!

Inner by Kikillo™ Serranoinner

The Experimental “Inner” collection from Kikillo is just amazing.

Scorched by GlenzzGlennz

Glennz is famous for their clever illustrations.

Geometrik by GEOMETRIKGeometrik

The Belgian clothing label Geometrik just gets things right.

World Explorers Club by Gekoxgekox

Cool vintage t-shirt design by de ecological focused Gekox crew.

Eat, Sleep, Fish by Léticia Tescaroeatsleepfish

Great tee design by  Léticia Tescaro for Jack & Jones.

The Travellers Series – Dampdamp

Very cool minimalistic and subtle shirt by Damp.

Cirque Magique by La Typografillecirquemagique

Great design for Cirque Magique by La Typografille.

Chinese Food by New Fren


Supercool dragon inspired shirt by New Fren.

Blitz by Lovin Productions


Impressive pattern design by Lovin Productions.

Beer by T-shirt GoldBeer

Clever creative designed t-shirt by T-Shirt Gold.

Organic Beard Co. beard

Amazing Shirt design by Organic beard Co.

Angrybear by Musketonangrybear

Just an amazing design by the Belgian artist Musketon !

If you like to present your own amazing T-shirt designs, just contact us and we’ll add them to the list!

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