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Our Mission.

We are on a mission to do better. To aim higher. To raise the bar, not only for ourselves but for everyone around us. Of all the tools used by Entrepreneurs, Marketing or HR experts, merchandise must be the most underestimated one, and we want to help you to unlock its full potential.

And in doing so, we want to help our customers reach their strategic objectives, with the utmost respect for our planet.

Our Story.

In 2013, Merchandise Essentials consisted of 2 motivated young guys with huge dreams. At first there was no fancy office, no employees,…

The only thing there was, was the desire to build a big and unique company that changes the world of merchandise!

Niels Vandecasteele & Steven Callens started Merchandise Essentials out of their parent’s living room. At the time being, it was even called Night Essentials! The small living room soon became a huge 600m² office space with more than 40 highly-motivated & talented individuals that are now designing and creating custom merchandise for brands in more than 43 countries!

Their customer base ranges from local shops to massive companies like Facebook & Google, this proves that merchandise works for every business.

Our Beliefs.

  • Making awesome merchandise
  • Making it easier than ever
  • With respect for our planet

Our Promises.

Merchandise Essentials zet in op sustainability


Through our long term partnerships with all the involved parties, we can guarantee you that all our merchandise will be produced in a sustainable way.

Merchandise Essentials draagt ethiek hoog in het vaandel


We at Merchandise Essentials want to make a lasting positive impact on the planet.
This means we only work with partners and factories that maintain the highest ethical values.

Merchandise Essentials produceert exclusief in Europa

Made in EU

Because of our ethical & ecological promises, we exclusively produce within the European Union to maintain our high quality.

Our Services.

Graphic Design

At Merchandise Essentials we believe that design is one of the most important parts of great merchandise. That’s exactly why we dedicated a complete department to create the best possible designs for your clothing.


We take care of all your merchandise logistics. After producing and delivering millions of pieces of merchandise, we know exactly how to do this in an efficient and substainable way.


We transform great ideas in even greater products! We combined the best of fashion production with the transparency and automation of a highly organized manufacturing company.


We help you build a powerful and loyal community through high-quality merchandise. This community is the backbone of your company and is the must-have foundation for stable growth.


Implement Merchboxes to create the best experience that is humanly possible. We help you build a customized box that includes high-quality merchandise and in return you get a real ambassador army.


Our production and design team create a fully custom product based on your specific needs. There is basically nothing that we can’t create.

Discover our awesome cases

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Lansweeper came up with an original idea to motivate their employees to come back to the office after all the working from home.

Lab9: 5 reasons to choose for custom merchandise

Lab9 has been recognized by Apple as an Apple Premium Reseller for providing excellent customer service with special focus on solutions, service and support for Apple.

Gediflora: the “Plus One-campaign”

Gediflora is a real family business and global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums.

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