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5 tips to stand out on your next fair

Participation in trade fairs can be profitable for your organization. It’s the perfect way to connect with prospects and to maintain your relationships. You can also launch a new product or service and give a demonstration. However, how can you stand out between hundreds of other booths? These 5 essential tips will take your booth to a higher level.

1. Prelaunch your participation

There will be a lot of people. In any case, there will be enough visitors that will come over…
Unfortunately, you can’t hope that people will show up by themselves. In advance, you have to trigger people to visit your booth. But how? Prelaunch your participation in a memorable way:

  • Invite your clients to visit your booth. Remember: give them a reason why they should visit. For example, a sneak peek of your new product. You can also make appointments for personal meetings, or just invite your relationships to grab a coffee together.
  • Organize a competition: ‘Win a unique goodiebag at the value of € 100’. Make sure that the goodiebag is valuable: for example a sportswear outfit, a sweater, a beanie and a scarf. Branded clothing products can be a powerful marketing tool. There’s only one condition: the clothing products have to be wearable. A creative clothing design that matches your corporate identity is thereby very important.

→ Do you want to create a unique goodiebag? Contact us, we are happy to help you.

Social Media
  • Communicate your presence on your social media channels. Tip: LinkedIn is an important channel. Make sure that you tell something unique: why should someone visit your booth? For example, the release of a new product, a competition or action, a unique experience,… Every post must have 1 big advantage.
  • Repeat, repeat and repeat. Don’t just post 1 time on LinkedIn, post your message several times. Or do something atypical: trigger people with a countdown clock on your website. That way, people will be asking themselves: ‘What will happen?’. Curiosity always works!

2. The perfect first impression

You never have a second chance to make a first impression

Your booth as wel as your team have to make a lasting impression. People have to recognize the team members. This may sound logical, but exhibitors often forget this basic principle. If your people are not uniform, visitors will not be eager to talk to someone from your booth. But how can your team be recognizable? Branded clothing is the best way to achieve this.

Uniform team

PRO tip: be different and choose memorable clothing. Don’t go for T-shirts with a big logo. What you must do: choose clothing that makes your team stand out. For example, premium shirts are perfect to reflect pure class. Visitors will associate your products or services as valuable when your team makes a great impression wearing qualitative clothing. If you go for branded clothes, make sure that your corporate identity is recognizable. That’s why you need an experienced clothing designer.

Do you want to stand out with a team in qualitative clothing? Contact us, we are happy to help you.

3. Create a memorable booth

Visitors will remember your company if you have a creative booth. It’s important that your booth fits with your story. Branded merchandise is the perfect tool to create your story.
Let’s illustrate this with an interesting example of a memorable booth.

Dewaele Real Estate recently launched an employer branding campaign. The baseline of the campaign was ‘Van je sokken geblazen door vastgoed?’ (That’s a dutch phrase for: Real estate blows your socks off’). The campaign enforced the community feeling of the current employees. Like that, new employees were attracted automatically. However, what’s the success factor of the campaign? Well, real socks off course. We created real socks for Dewaele Real estate, packed in an original cardboard with the campaign baseline. The socks were a real eye-catcher during the fair. Visitors who got the chance to receive the socks were really happy with it, they will definitely wear it.

Dewaele - Case Study

Create memorable moments: a booth full of experience, matching merchandise, a team that stands out,… Create a booth that visitors will never forget.

4. Spoil your visitors

A personal gift always works. Your visitors will feel happy if they receive a gift. Most important of all, happy visitors will always remember you. Off course, make sure that visitors are interested in your business, not only in your gift.

Which present will work? Chocolates, candy or pens,… These are nice gadgets, but you better give something more valuable. A tote bag is perfect as a goodiebag. The bag will actually be worn, certainly if you print a creative design. This is the best marketing strategy as your company name will be extremely visible. You can surprise your visitors with creative merchandise that’s inside the bag, for example: a T-shirt, a pair of sunglasses, your folder, a coupon code,..

How do you create the perfect goodiebag? 

Our business experts create your custom goodiebag. Contact us for more information.


5. Attract visitors


Make sure that there are people standing at your booth. That’s how you will attract more curious visitors.

Think outside the box. Launch something original to attract visitors. For example: during breaks, the colleagues of Merchandise Essentials challenge each other to play a ping-pong match. Now, the ping-pong obsession is getting a little bit out of control as the team often organizes ‘The Grand Merchandise ping-pong tournaments’. There is a real ping-pong vibe, and that’s why we organized a ping-pong tournament at our booth during a fair. It was a huge success, people were standing in line to play.

This is only one example. You can also organize a competition during the fair and create buzz around it by handing out folders to the visitors. Besides a competition, launching mini-events is an other creative possibility. For example an ‘Inspirational Q&A with the managers’ or a signature session with a famous person.

Make your fair memorable

Are you ready to stand out on your next fair? With these 5 tips, you will definitely have positive results. Most important of all: make sure that your team stands out through branded clothing. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our business experts, we are happy to help you to launch a unique merchandise strategy for your next fair. Fill in the contact form, we will respond within 24 hours.

Ping pong match Merchandise Essentials
Team Merchandise Essentials
Merchandise Essentials Ping pong
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