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7 ways to grow your business with merchandise

Did you know that you can boost your business enormously with merchandise? Yes, I swear! It doesn’t matter which business you’re in, from Application developer to Zoo technician, there will be more loyal customers, more sales and more visibility for your company. Talking about a win-win-win situation.


7 ways to grow your business with merchandise

Did you know that you can boost your business enormously with merchandise? Yes, I swear! It doesn’t matter which business you’re in, from Application developer to Zoo technician, there will be more loyal customers, more sales and more visibility for your company. Talking about a win-win-win situation.



You have a brilliant idea to start with a merchandise strategy. That is clear for you right now. So, let us guide you to continue every step successfully. I want to begin immediately with the first must: top quality of your merchandise.

I suppose you don’t want to wear a t-shirt that looks like a nightgown? Clients won’t wear an enormously T-shirt where the print washes off. The last thing that you want, is to see your T-shirt in the bottom drawer.



Not only quality, also creativity is a certain must. Admit it -I’m sorry but you will not like what I’m going to say, a regular T-shirt with your logo is a little (read: enormously) boring. Not even your biggest fans will wear that T-shirt. So, forget about your logo and be creative. Your audience will be more attracted by a T-shirt or a cap with an innovative design or with a funny quote.


And last but not least, your merchandise has to be sustainable. That is the absolute standard, because your company has to be associated with ethical and ecological values. These values mean that your merchandise contains ecological materials (organic cotton, bamboo,…) and that it’s being made by workers in good working conditions.

You’re in good hands at Merchandise Essentials, we help you provide honest and qualitative merchandise from A to Z.


“But why should i choose a strategy with merchandise? And how do you do that?”

No panic, we are here to help you. Even if your merchandise strategy starts from 0. These 7 tips can really help you to obtain amazing results with merchandise.


The ultimate dream scenario: you have a satisfied customer and he refers your company to his friends. Result? Five new customers because of that one enthusiastic customer without any effort or costs. Wow, that’s incredible! An objective for every company. Merchandise ensures more referrals by your customers. Your customers will be overjoyed when they receive an exclusive gift from their favorite company.

In that way, your customer knows that you’re sincerely thankful for their referrals. Think about a nice beanie in winter times, or a cool trucker cap during summer. Your loyal customers get something unique because of the referrals, as a result they will be happy to refer your company again for several times.

Result: new customers want to work with your company because they got a positive referral from your satisfied clients. I would surely call this a positive vicious circle. Here’s a great example that reveals how you generate leads with merchandise.

referrals merchandise


Let’s guess. It’s blue, enormously popular, they call him (or her, I don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy) social. Yes indeed, I’m talking about the ultimate social monster, also called as Facebook. And may I introduce you to his brothers and sisters? Here you have the photogenic Instagram, the inspiring Pinterest and our ghost Snapchat. There are also cousins, but I will spare you from this.

Facebook (and his brothers and sisters) have one thing in common: the interaction between your company and your fans. Social media is a powerful tool to promote the image of your company. For example, organising a like & share action on Facebook where your followers can win a hoodie with your unique design is an efficient idea.

The -superhappy- winner will be bragging with his favourite hoodie, he tells everybody with a lot of pride that he has won your like & share action, and with a little luck he will post a picture of his prize on social media. That’s how you make free advertising on Facebook.

Voorbeeld van een social media campagne met een wedstrijd

And I don’t have to tell you that the whole world has a profile on Facebook. So by this like & share action, you can reach a lot of people. In a few seconds, your company can be hot news. Like Gwen Stefani says; “What you waiting for?”.

Of course, there are plenty of possibilities to organize social media campaigns. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest are also very popular and effective to organize a giveaway action.



Do you also have that dream where every customer is your superfan? Admit it, every company wants a lot of loyal customers. And these loyal customers definitely deserve it to be treated.

Everybody loves gifts, right? Well, a little gift will motivate your clients to stay loyal, I’m sure! Don’t consider your loyal customers as a matter of course. They carry your company and have to be cushioned.

A few ideas: you can give a customized Tote bag to your customers. In this way, they can do their grocery shopping with an ecological bag. Or you can truly say ‘thank you’ to your customers by giving them a beanie that keeps them warm.

There are plenty of opportunities. One thing is sure, a surprise will cheer up the day of your customer.


Okay, I admit it, I view a new company critically. That’s typical behavior for new clients. The first impression has to be good from the beginning, the first purchase is decisive, the follow-up is important… winning and keeping new clients can be very difficult.

Or not? It’s not so difficult at all.

Voorbeeld van merchandise geschenk voor een nieuwe klant

Merchandise is a creative idea to spoil your new clients by giving them an exclusive gift. That’s how you convince your clients. Maybe you don’t believe it, but this little gift can convince your clients to stay loyal to your company. As a result, they will keep on purchasing because you sent them a gift after the first purchase.

This client will tell everybody that he got a nice gift from you. These are little things – small gifts – but it will surely boost the results of your company.


Advertising? Piece of cake! I have an excellent idea with positive results. Think about a big advertising billboard with a fantastic slogan and a captive image. Thousands of people will pass the billboard, but will they really see it?

You have to think out of the box. With a merchandise campaign, you can reach more people. And you make your fans happy with a cool shirt or cap.

Every person sees hundreds of people every day. Here’s the plan: you can organise a campaign by giving cool t-shirts to people. The big billboard is more expensive, and you have less results. People will notice living persons, no big billboards.

Also, there will be more experience when a person wears your t-shirt: “Whauw, what’s on your t-shirt? That’s a cool design!”. If you want to work more efficiently with merchandise, you can cooperate with celebrities or bloggers. People will notice what celebrities are wearing. And I’m even not talking about the press.


Okay, maybe we don’t know each other (yet), but we can agree about one thing; your company has to generate profit. Merchandise goes really far, it’s not just about a few t-shirts.

An example: Jack Daniels. You surely have seen the tank tops and t-shirts of Jack Daniels. Girls are wearing it on the streets. I don’t think that every girl wearing this t-shirt actually drinks whiskey. Girls are wearing it because the tank tops of Jack Daniels have a cool design. Believe me, you can do that too. A warm sweater with your design will definitely sell.

Voorbeeld is de merchandise shop van Duvel

And if your brand becomes more popular, there will be more profit. You will notice that selling by selling your merchandise. Jack Daniels can do it, so you can do it too. I know, Jack Daniels is a big brand. But every company can have success with merchandise.

For example, you’re running a coffee bar and your specialized in your blends. Here’s a cool idea: you can design a Tote bag for every coffee blend. Your customer will definitely want to buy the Tote bag with their favorite blend. And if you think about it, an election on facebook “What’s your favorite blend?” would be awesome. There are plenty of opportunities.


A casual sunday morning, on the football field: “Tim dude! This sweater is awesome, looks like it’s really warm! Where did you buy it? Thanks Robin, unfortunately, you can’t buy this sweater anywhere. Everybody in my team received this sweater as a thank you for the positive year. I even wear it during the weekends” “Positive year? What did you do this year?” Do you already know where I’m heading to?

Yes indeed, your staff are your biggest fans. Your staff has to scream it out loud how they love their job, expressing how professional your company is. You can reward your staff by giving them a sweater. They can wear your gift on vacation, during work, at the gym, at a family dinner, in the car wash, in the supermarket, and so on.

Thereby, your company can be a conversation starter for people that don’t know your company. The more people know your company, the more growth for your company. Moral of this story: merchandise works!

Order now in 2018 and make a fabulous start in 2019. Come to our office to grab a coffee, together we can discover how merchandise makes a difference in your company.

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