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How to recruit and retain real estate talent?

Brand employer campaign: Dewaele real estate

The best recruitment strategy: your own employees as a living billboard for your company.

Never have there been this many open vacancies in Europe. HR- and recruitment agencies go far and beyond to fill vacancies. However, what if you apply a creative strategy to find talent? In other words, what if you do it differently compared to other companies? Dewaele Real Estate is the perfect example.

The challenge of Dewaele Real Estate


To stand out with current and potential employees


Creative employer branding campaign


More inflow, less outflow

Creative recruitment campaign

The inflow of the employees is a challenge. Barbara, employer branding specialist at Dewaele, tells us how their team took the challenge. Dewaele Real Estate wanted to apply a different approach and launched a creative employer branding campaign, realized by advertising agency MOQO. Their campaign ‘Van je sokken geblazen door vastgoed?’ (Dutch for: ‘Real estate blows your socks off’). The result: a memorable campaign.

How to attract the right people
in a creative way?

What is employer branding?

For Dewaele Real Estate, employer branding is an internal story. As a matter of fact, the current employees are the best ambassadors. Every company wants their employees to talk about the company in a positive way to their friends, family and acquaintances. The best recruitment strategy: your own employees as a living billboard for your company. Expensive recruitment campaigns are nothing compared to the ambassador strategy.

Employer branding campaign ‘Your socks blown off’

The campaign has a strong image with the managers and employees who are literally blown away. These powerful pictures really stand out. Everyone who sees it thinks: “What is this about?”, “Look, that’s Filip Dewaele, our boss!”. The message is clear: the current as well as the potential employees are blown away by real estate.

Dewaele - Socks campaign

A successful employer branding campaign

What’s the key to success? Real socks of course. A nice design and an original cardboard, the perfect ingredients for a total experience. The Dewaele socks were packed in a custom cardboard, with a creative message. The packaging might seem like a small detail, but definitely adds to the overall experience.

Dewaele - Socks campaign
Dewaele - Employer branding on fairs

On fairs the socks were a real eye-catcher. Especially, the people who were lucky enough to get a pair will actually wear it. That’s how the name ‘Dewaele Real Estate’ will be more in the spotlight anywhere, anytime. Odds are that this person will share the experience about the surprise in his/her social network.

To conclude, the key to a successful campaign: creative merchandise. That’s how Dewaele Real Estate stays top of mind, forever.

Merchandise for your employer branding strategy

Communicating your message through merchandise will make your campaign memorable. The employer branding campaign ‘Real estate blows your socks off’ stays in everyone’s mind because of the socks.

Companies that have a focus on the employee experience will automatically get a better inflow. This is only possible if you turn your employees into ambassadors. For example, employees wear the socks anytime, also outside the company. It’s a perfect product for a starters kit or for a gift.

Dewaele - Socks campaign
Dewaele - socks campaign

Now, it’s your turn.

Do you want to launch a creative recruitment campaign? Talk to one of our business experts. We are experts in developing a merchandise strategy for your company. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate contacting us. We are happy to help you.

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