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How to launch a memorable rebranding campaign?

This is the story of Goddeeris. A family-run business that evolved into a world class innovative company.

The rebranding of Goddeeris

Goddeeris is a company specialised in industrial piping and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air condition). Last year, the innovative company launched an extremely successful rebranding with a remaining impact on their image. What’s their secret? Miriam Vandenbulcke, marketing manager at Goddeeris, explains the key factors of their rebranding campaign.

A family-run business that evolved into world class innovative company

Quick flashback to the 60’s: two brothers found the company Goddeeris in Roeselare, an industrial city in West-Flanders, Belgium. With a lot of persistence and ambition they are able to build a successful business and work with some impressive clients, such as Coca-Cola, Alpro, Colruyt, Vandemoortele, … To date, Goddeeris has grown into one of the most renowned companies in their field and they deservedly say: “We are experts, we are the best in industrial piping”.

Only, the company was experiencing one problem… Goddeeris had 50 years of expertise and kept on growing. However, the company’s image didn’t reflect their success. How could Goddeeris improve their brand image?

Goddeeris - Merchandise works
Goddeeris - Clothing Merchandise Works
Goddeeris - Happy Employees

We are industrious

Expertise. Going forward. Working hard. That’s Goddeeris. However, their corporate identity didn’t match with their values. That’s the reason why Goddeeris decided to launch a complete rebranding in 2017. Together with Merchandise Essentials, Miriam worked out a merchandise strategy. The challenge: reflect the strong image, inside and outside of the company. Goddeeris also developed a new baseline: ‘We are industrious’. Miriam explains that the new baseline completes the vibe at Goddeeris. The men are hard working, diligent, tireless.

Merchandise Essentials showed their hands-on approach by helping me decide: Just trust us. We know what’s best. We know what works.

Merchandise for a successful rebranding

A new corporate identity of course means creating new company swag and with Merchandise Essentials Goddeeris found the perfect partner to do that. Miriam reacts enthusiastically: “I remember the moment when (the) employees saw the clothing for the first time. They were extremely excited about it and couldn’t wait to wear the clothing. High-quality T-shirts, sweaters, caps,… even baby bibs for the newborns. “At first, I didn’t know how to start. I really couldn’t decide. Will all employees be satisfied? Merchandise Essentials showed their hands-on approach by helping me decide: “Just trust us. We know what’s best. We know what works.”

Spontaneously, our colleagues started sharing holiday pictures wearing their merchandise.

The clothing of Goddeeris is a key factor for the rebranding campaign. Branded clothing is a tangible result, it’s an extremely visible marketing tool. Employees wear their clothes anywhere and at any time. Even in the Caribbean… “Spontaneously, our colleagues started sharing holiday pictures wearing their company clothes. That’s how the idea of ‘The Greatest Holiday Picture’ was born. After each vacation, we elect the most original travel picture”, says Miriam. From ice-cold temperatures to adventurous panoramic views. Which picture do you prefer?

The fundamentals of the company

When can you speak of a ‘successful campaign’? Well, let’s look at the fundamentals of the company: the employees.

If your employees reflect the vision of the company and the corporate core values are in their blood, then you have a successful campaign. The Goddeeris employees experienced the new branding during the memorable staff party. Result? Everybody was super excited. The team felt pride and happiness when they saw the new clothing! We are Goddeeris. We are industrious!

Giving your employees the chance to be a true ambassador. This screams merchandise.

Giving your employees the chance to be a true ambassador. That needs merchandise, for sure. That way, colleagues can promote the company they work for with their own clothes. Very soon, employees started asking for even more: ‘Can I get a T-shirt for my son?’, and ‘Will there be beanies during winter? And swimming trunks during summer?’. Employees are wearing their clothes all the time, even during the weekend. Why? It’s really simple: the clothes are beautiful and the quality is top-notch.

That way, Goddeeris could save thousands of euros on branding campaigns and advertisements. With merchandise, your employees are living billboards. Suddenly, people are asking them: “Is that a T-shirt from your company?”, or “Cool, where did you get that T-shirt?”. In no time, everybody is speaking about your company.


Piping and fashion?!

Goddeeris goes above and beyond. The reactions of the employees were encouraging, they kept asking for more clothing items. That’s why Miriam decided to launch the Goddeeris clothing line. What’s the difference with work clothing? Well, the clothing line will be a real fashion brand. “The designs were crazy, it immediately felt right”, says Miriam. “It’s great to work together with the team, their graphic designer really blows my mind with the clothing designs. We can’t wait to launch the clothing line, our people are waiting for it.”

Start your own rebranding campaign

Merchandise is the ‘key to success’ to launch a creative branding campaign. Why? Well, clothing is a tangible result representing the image of the company. Employees wearing your clothes with pride, your brand being visible for thousands of people,… That’s how you can stand out with your rebranding campaign.

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