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Friday 20th of April. It felt like one of those summer days where you’re young and free to do whatever you want and there’s nothing that can stop you. However, later that day, news broke out that one of the most inspirational legends passed away.

Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, who produced and performed as Avicii, was one of the greatest artists of our generation. He was often compared to Bach or Mozart, a complete symphony was created in his mind before he turned his idea into reality. Creating music is what Avicii lived for, what he felt he was born to do.


For us, it feels like we have lost a hero. You might not know this, but one of the main reasons that we are creating merchandise for artists is because of Avicii. Our co-founder Niels is a big fan of him. Years ago, he was looking to buy some of his merchandise. However, he searched all over the internet but he didn’t find a single T-shirt. On a casual evening, Niels and Steven, DJ and our other co-founder, came up with the idea: “Let’s create merchandise for artists ourselves”. Now, there’s a dedicated team providing merchandise for artists and events.

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It’s amazing to see what a great impact he had on us and the rest of the world. His music was the soundtrack of our summer day memories and these memories will never be forgotten. His music led to the creation of Merchandise Essentials, and his legacy will live on forever within our company. We cannot express how grateful we are nor can we express our feelings enough. We hope you will make music wherever your soul might be. Thank you.

– Merchandise Essentials

If you want to know more about Avicii, make sure to watch his documentary: Avicii: True Stories (2017), now available on Netflix.

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