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Brand, night and community. Three departments, each with a unique vision. Discover the success stories of the ambassadors.

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  • Launch your own fashion brand
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Read on, and be inspired.


Brand Essentials 

Make your fashion brand grow

Clothing brands grow from ideas. Brand Essentials helps brands to develop their creative ideas into clothing collections.

Whether you’re an ambitious starter or an international brand, Brand Essentials helps you to keep growing. That’s only possible with personal guidance before, during and after the creation of the clothing collection. Therefore, the team offers brainstorming sessions, technical support for designs and collection days to create the clothing line. Brand knows the best decoration techniques and takes care of the production of the clothing. Thus, experience within fashion and production techniques are essential.

Success story: Topwijf

Topwijf is a Belgian fashion brand that has grown enormously in a short period of time. The brand was founded by Fleur, a real #girlboss. The story started with a few T-shirts printed with ‘Topwijf’ on them. The idea was a big hit, everyone wanted a T-shirt like that. In the meantime, Topwijf is evolving to an established brand in Belgium.

The first Topwijf T-shirts were printed at a local textile printing company. After a while, Fleur noticed that she needed a more experienced partner in order to trust on quality and service. Also, she wanted more options for her collections, things like special decoration techniques and labeling. Additionally, an efficient webshop and smooth logistics for her retail network became more important.

Topwijf realised that she needed a partner who also thinks about the brand strategy, so she started a cooperation with the Brand team of Merchandise Essentials. From then on, the Topwijf collections were lifted to a higher level. The team offered technical support for the designs, develops the collections during collection days and produces the clothing.
For Topwijf, a long term partnership with mutual trust was essential to keep growing.


Do you also want a successful fashion label?
Brand Essentials is the partner you need.

Night Essentials 

Make your fans stand out

Night Essentials is the ideal partner for DJ’s, artists, agencies and events. The team designs and produces merchandise for top artists, such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Foo Fighters, LouLou Records and Rockvillage. Within the event and music scene, the only way to grow is to get more and more fans. That means, merchandise is indispensable. It makes your fans stand out in the crowd. Recognisable fans automatically lead to more brand awareness and an increasing popularity.

Success story: Ostend Beach festival

Ostend Beach is an electronic music festival that brings Belgium’s north coast to life. Every year, the festival launches unique merch to take the whole experience to a higher level.
What determines the success of a festival? There’s only one answer to that question: your fans.
A festival needs its fans to be successful. If existing fans have a unique experience at your festival, there will automatically follow more fans. Ostend Beach festival offers qualitative clothing and caps with powerful designs. Visitors of the festival are super enthusiastic to buy their favorite fashion item. For example, the black snapback is very popular. It has a golden octopus (the symbol of the festival) embroidered on it, which has a 3D effect.
Ostend Beach festival relies on the expertise of Night Essentials. The team develops and produces merchandise that fans really want to wear, both during and after the festival. At the festival itself, fans walk around with the merchandise. This strengthens the experience, but merchandise makes the fans recognisable on television and social media. The fans really make the merchandise their own and the whole world gets to see that.
Ostend Beach merchandise is a clothing line with powerful designs. And this is exactly the strength of the Ostend Beach merchandise strategy. People will wear the clothing after the festival.


Do you also want to make your fans stand out in the crowd?
Night Essentials is the ultimate merch partner.

Community Essentials 

Empower your marketing, sales and HR through merchandise

Business entrepreneurs and organisations are overwhelmed with strategies to empower their marketing, human resources and sales. Community offers 1 strategy that will last forever: clothing that tells a story. Countless people become brand ambassadors who wear your clothing all the time.

Organizations often lack time or expertise to develop and produce merchandise. That’s why Community Essentials makes sure that a personal expert guides you through the whole process: from a first idea to the production of a complete clothing collection. Community knows how your clothing line can be successful.

Success Story: Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg is the worldwide reference in outdoor grills. It’s a really unique brand with a strong community of fans. Eggheads, that’s what Big Green Egg fans are called, would drive hundreds of kilometers to attend one of the brand’s events. But how does a barbecue brand managed to do that, you ask? For Big Green Egg, experience is key. You can feel that in everything they do, that’s what makes the brand special.

Big Green Egg really holds its fans close. They do that, among other things, through their efficient line extension strategy. The brand’s core business is to sell barbecues, but they also offer charcoal, grill tools and so on. That way they meet every possible need of their customers. And that’s not all, there’s also a successful clothing line.

Together with Merchandise Essentials, Big Green Egg created a clothing line existing out of T-shirts, baby bibs, dad hats and so on. Every piece of clothing breathes the core values; quality, originality, experience, creativity, minimalism and authenticity. The design team of Community Essentials created several designs that radiate those values. That made the collection original and creative. The collection was launched on a big event named Flavour Fair and fans were super enthusiastic to see and buy it. This really made the whole experience complete.

Do you also want to empower you marketing, sales and/or HR through merchandise?
Community Essentials is your partner in crime.

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