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How to build a merchandise empire like Jack Daniels

Merchandise is more than clothes or accessories. Every brand can create a unique value by telling a memorable story. I would like to tell you the story of Jack Daniels, and how you can build a successful merchandise empire.

Create a story, tell it, and make it memorable

“Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can” – Jack Daniels

Your brand can only be successful if there is a convincing story. Jack Daniels is a great example. The Tennessee Whiskey is seen as the emblematic spirit based at the heart of the nation. Jack Daniels has built this iconic status from years until now. It’s the story of the American dream.

How became the brand so popular? Jack Daniels is a brand of Tennessee whiskey, founded in 1875 by Jack Daniel. Back then, there were a lot of distilleries. The first 100 years, there was only advertising by word of mouth, boosted by occasional media attention and regional ads. Now, Jack Daniels is the whiskey of choice for personalities such as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Nobel Prize winner William Faulkner and singer Frank Sinatra. The Sinatra Select, launched as a tribute to Frank Sinatra, is thereby a perfect upsell product. Also rock stars Keith Richards and Slash have been photographed often holding or next to a Jack Daniel’s bottle. Kesha’s famous song ‘Tik Tok’ includes a verse about brushing her teeth with Jack Daniel’s. The brand got extremely popular because of the cooperation with music artists and bands.

About the name: Mysterious Old No. 7

You may ask yourself what the name even means. It was rumored that Jack, the notorious town bachelor, had seven girlfriends. Or the 7 can also stand for the number-seven train carrying the barrels. Others believe that Jack had lost a batch of a whiskey for 7 years and named it Old No. 7 when he found it. But no one will ever know, which makes the story intriguing.

Check out this youtube movie below. It’s a good example of how the mystery about the number 7 makes part of the brand story.

Jack’s Famous Design

The brand has a very recognizable and strong design. The iconic black and white label has only changed in details. Look at the picture below, from the 1950’s until now, the authentic style is still present.


For the 150th anniversary of the Jack Daniel Distillery, the Nashville General Store was opened in 2016. It was the brand’s first retail and experiential location. The store brings the authenticity and charm of Lynchburg to Nashville and gives consumers a taste of the Jack Daniel Distillery. Consumers can experience a wide-ranging selection of Jack Daniel’s products and gifts in a boutique environment. These are exclusive branded apparel and accessories and commemorative guitars. Also premium items that celebrate the brand’s history and unique connection to music and pop culture will be in the store.


Build a merchandise empire, just like the brand Jack Daniels. Focus on a strong brand story, an iconic design, and truly believe in your own brand. Work hard, dare making mistakes, but keep believing in your brand.

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