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How can you earn money with a YouTube channel?

Young vloggers (video bloggers) can make money with their YouTube channel! Start right away; make a casual video, post it on YouTube, and earn money! Euhm, well, it’s not that easy. Video blogging has to be your passion. Are you interested to professionalize your YouTube channel? This article will probably be the best thing of your day! Or maybe of your whole week..  

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YouTube has more than one billion users a month. That’s a big audience, right? However, a loyal audience is more important than a large public. You can build a relationship with fans and drive sales through the use of video. Nevertheless, it’s a challenge to create good content at regular times.

YouTube Partner Program

All YouTube creators can join the YouTube Partner Program. Your channel needs 10,000 public channel views to join the program. What is it exactly? Well, if you join the program, you can make money with the videos you upload. It’s Google that gives you the opportunity to monetize the videos you create in order to reach a wider audience. Once you have a great audience, you can start making money with your channel. The partner network of Youtube helps you create high quality videos.

What is the most popular YouTube category?

The entertainment category is the most popular one with an average view of 9,816 views. Also How-to videos have a good average view. Tubular examined 1,000,000 videos and analysed the categories.

Here’s an overview, from popular to less popular:

  • Entertainment = 9,816 views/video average
  • How-to and Style = 8,332 views/video average
  • Science and Tech = 6,638 views/video average
  • Pets and Animals 6,542 views/video average
  • Autos and Vehicles = 5,673 views/video average
  • Education = 4,872 views/video average
  • Travel and Events = 3,070 views/video average
  • Gaming = 3,050 views/video average
  • People and Blogs = 2,354 views/video average

Let’s talk business, how exactly can you earn money with YouTube?

Once you have a strategy for your YouTube movies, you can start thinking about making money with it. Here are 9 strategies to earn money.


Become a YouTube partner if you want to make money from ads. YouTube users can earn revenue with AdSense and Advertisements. You can earn 55% of the total advertising revenues. YouTube takes the other 45%.

Sell merchandise

This strategy is proven very successfully. If your YouTube channel is popular, your fans will be excited to buy a creative t-shirt, or an awesome snapback. Empower your branding and create a huge success with your own merchandise.


Find out which YouTube creators can be interesting for a partnership. These partnerships can be settled outside of YouTube, discuss your own deal with a possible partner and target a larger audience.

Affiliate programs

YouTube influencers with a review channel can earn extra money with an affiliate marketing strategy. You can enter the Amazon Affiliate program and place your affiliate links underneath your video. That way, you earn more money if one of your followers orders that product.


Place a support link on your YouTube channel. That way, your followers can donate money to the influencer. A lot of followers want to donate money to their favorite YouTube star after seeing a great YouTube movie.

Promote your other channels

The subscribers of your videos can be interested in other activities. For example your website, webshop, or even if you have written a book. Keep in mind that you have to promote your other activities to keep your subscribers interested. That way, you can earn more money with your other activities <

Join a Multi-Channel Network

A Multi-Channel Network can offer content creators assistance in cross-promotion, monetization, product and programming,… Better-known MCN’s are Fullscreen, Freedom and Awesomeness TV.

Subscriber-only channel

Warning: this is not an option for beginners. You create a paid channel if your followers see true value to themselves in your video. If so, you can create content in a premium paid channel for subscribers only.

Organise events

This is an option if you have a massive subscriber base, at least 100 000. You can organise a tour for a theme of your YouTube movies, for example booking venues with a meet and greet for your fans. Other example, organise live work-out sessions if you have a fitness channel.

Are you YouTube proof? We really believe you can do this! First step: decide your strategy. Then, create content, and build your fanbase. Then start thinking about making money with it.

Good luck!
P.S. Do you have a YouTube channel? Post it in the comment section below!

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