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How to boost your fashion business sales

We all dream of being successful one day. This can only be achieved by working hard and generating enough sales to become profitable. Unfortunately, generating sales isn’t always that simple. So we listed a few tips to hack your sales. So read them carefully, apply them to your fashion business and see those numbers go up!

Promotional offers

The most popular approach to generate more sales is working with promotions.
These can vary from a regular discount (percentage or fixed amount) to very specific discount codes you hand out for a special occasion. Influencer discounts are also very popular in the fashion industry. This way you allow people to get a discount from someone they know or follow on social media. Which is often more successful because there’s more trust involved.

Pro tip: Be sure to keep in touch with your existing customers and give them a special discount once in a while. They’re definitely worth it. Trust me.

Change the look of your homepage

Often people enter your webshop on your homepage. Putting a combination of new and best-selling products upfront will definitely offer added value to your homepage. By changing these on a regular basis, you offer people the chance to buy products they might have missed otherwise. It also makes it more interesting for your regular customers. They want to see something new every single time they visit your site. And all those changes result in? Indeed, Sales!

High quality photos

The photos on your webshop are the only reference customers have with the products. Unless they saw someone else wear them. So in order to convince customers to buy your product, the quality of your photos has to be superb. This might seem like somewhat of a small detail. But after comparing hundreds of ecommerce stores we can actually assure you that this is one of the most important aspects of a successful webshop.

Pro tip: Here are some tips for you on how to take the perfect picture

  • Use packshots to showcase your products. (what is a packshot?)
  • Use a model when you want to show the fitting of your clothing.
  • Use a professional camera. It does make a difference.
  • Make sure there is enough light when you’re taking the pictures.
  • Edit your photos to add the right amount of saturation and contrast.
  • Use different backgrounds/locations when doing a shoot.

Brilliant product descriptions

Something many companies underestimate is the actual product description. These are an important part of the shopping experience you offer. This is the part where a store clerk would start to convince a potential customer by smooth talking them about the product and its quality.

So use this to your benefit and think like an actual store clerk. How would you convince someone to buy a product?

Start by taking away doubts about the quality and give some technical info regarding the product or fabrics. Then take away any further doubts by giving them either a promotional offer or a sense of security. Mention stuff like free shipping or secured payments and info.

Pro tip: Add a catchy or formal (based on your brand image) quote to your products. This makes it fun for the customer and will unconsciously influence them towards buying the product.

The founders of Rufus & Royce, an American shorts brand are experts in inventing brilliant product descriptions. Take a look at the example they made for a short covered in American flags.

Real customer reviews

This is needed to gain trust with your potential customers. So don’t miss out and give people the chance to share their comments on your products. People are more likely to become customers when they can read and analyze other people’s reviews. Not every review will be a five-star one, and that’s okay. If someone shares a bad review this isn’t bad news, it’s actually good news. And here is why: you get honest feedback to improve your business which is necessary to succeed. It also shows the credibility of your brand and the reviews. So don’t panic if a bad review comes in. If handled correctly, they will only benefit your business.

Adidas gets tons of reviews and puts those on their webshop. Some are bad, but most of them are good to very good. This makes their products much more credible.

Upselling and cross selling

These two terms are very important when you want to gain extra revenue and thus profit. They both figure an important part in raising your customers average basket value. Up- and cross sells are in fact real money makers. So you could say that to become a successful clothing brand, you should implement these in your webshop strategy.

Good news! We’ve bundled five pro tips on how to gain extra revenue through up- and cross selling.

Be sure to read our blog about it.

How to increase your revenue with upselling and cross selling

Abandoned cart

Did you know that e-commerce businesses miss out on 75% of extra sales revenue? Well they do. Abandoned cart is the phenomenon that people add products to their shopping cart and then leave. This could have various reasons like for example the shipping costs are to high or they didn’t expect the product to be delivered after minimum ten days.

So there is definitely a lot of extra revenue to be earned when you could encourage those people to complete their purchases. On following blogpost below we go a lot deeper in on the abandoned carts.

Why e-commerce stores miss out on 75% of sales revenue

Make sure to read our other blogpost about how you should compose your abandoned cart mail. Read all about it here

Boost your sales with the abandoned cart email


There are many ways to boost your sales. The best advice we can give you is that you need to test which ways work best for your business. Being creative is something very important for each and every company. If you surpass everyone in that subject, you’re on the right way. Share in the comment section which strategy you implement in your business and help each others businesses grow.

Quick summary

  • the possible promotions are endless, try them and see which ones work best
  • Make sure your website is perfect and optimize your homepage, pictures and product information
  • Our other blogs about upselling, cross selling and abandoned cart are definitely worth reading. For real life examples of abandoned cart emails we made a blog as well.
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