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How to launch a merchandise competition on Facebook?

Everyone knows the giveaways on Facebook. But how do I organize this in a strategic way? This post tells you how to organize it, in only 6 steps.

Millions likes by a Facebook Giveaway
Everyone likes to win a present, isn’t? Organize by yourself a successful giveaway, and make sure that thousands of people will join your giveaway. So it can go viral!

Yes, I will organize a Facebook giveaway and achieve a lot of likes. But… How do I start?

In only 6 steps you can create a booming giveaway.

With this practical roadmap you get guaranteed success with your Facebook giveaway. There are crucial steps that you can follow to organize your own giveaway.

This blogpost is based on the giveaway of the clothing brand ‘Amorie’. This brand is an example of a successful giveaway. Amorie started with an E-shop, and then she founded a pop-up store in Roeselare (Belgium) which is now a store. Thanks to the success of her giveaway.

You‘re in top condition with a fresh cup of coffee? All right, let’s go! 

STEP 1: What are my goals and who do I want to achieve?

You’ll find how to determine your goals and target audience.

What do you want to achieve with your giveaway on Facebook? From experience we know that clothing brands organize a giveaway to acquire more likes, followers and brand awareness. This is effective. A giveaway is the ideal way to let your brand grow on a free channel. As brand you have to decide exactly what do you want to achieve with your giveaway? How many likes, followers,… you want to get. it ‘s very important that we measure this afterwards, in step 6 you will find everything about it.

Determining the right audience is crucial. You can use the environment to decide what’s your target group. For example; check out who will like your giveaway, young people or earlier a somewhat older audience. After you decide this, you can decline the right communication strategy. Also find out if your target audience is present on Facebook. Research shows that a lot of brands are on Facebook. This is normally an ideal channel, but make sure your focus is right from the start.

STEP 2: Define your strategy

What’s the right time to launch my giveaway? How can people win or what’s exactly the content? Welcome to step 2.

Choose for a relevant giveaway, keep in your mind what’s season, which product scores very well, who’s my target audience, etc. Make sure there is a link with your organization. And most importantly, the price should match with the effort that the fans have to do.

Statistics show that people participating faster when there are multiple prizes to win. In this way they estimate their chances higher.

In the giveaway of Amorie you can see it. She gives a sweater and a T-shirt away.

At what point do I launch my giveaway on Facebook? It’s important to place your giveaway at the right time of the day. In general, a lot of research indicates that the best time to launch your giveaway is; in the week between 17.00-20.00 and in the weekend between 13.00-16.00. But beware, this is a general fact. Find out when your target is active. Statistics on Facebook show you this.

Have you ever heard of critical mass? It’s necessary to achieve a lot of likes within a given time to avoid the timeline. So not-likers also get in touch with your giveaway.

Fact of the day:
Did you know that’s not clever to launch a giveaway at peak moments like 12.00? Many friends and companies are posting. The chances are small that people will see your post.

It’s better to post your giveaway between 16.00-20.00, when people have time to check their Facebook. The duration of their activity is important, not the peak moments like 12.00.

Consider what your customers should do to win your giveaway? Don’t ask too much of your fans, if everyone needs to like, share and give a comment… A lot of participants will knock off. It’s better to ask maximum 2 things: like & share, or tag & share, or,… You can also use a different approach, for example let people place their favorite song in a comment, their quote, etc.

STEP 3: Develop your Facebookpost

How should my post look? Step 3 tells you everything about it.

By a giveaway belongs the perfect picture. The photo is crucial and makes that your giveaway becomes very popular.

Tip: How to take a good picture? Discover it in the article.
→ 10 tips for the most beautiful pictures

With a nice giveaway with a great picture you need the right text. You have to convince people to participate in a few sentences. We take Amorie as example, her giveaway is based on an article that sell well.

In the first sentence you read what you can win. In the 2nd paragraph you will find out how to win this sweater or T-shirt. Finally, she wishes everyone a lot of success and let them know when the winner would be announced.

Please note: Certainly do not write sentences with a double meaning.


  • Share this post with your friends and win…
  • Like my page and win…

When you read this, people can interpret that when they do one thing and win anyway. But actually you mean that they only make a chance to win.

So you formulate it better:

  • Share this post with your friends and make change…
  • Like my page and make change… 

STEP 4: Time to go online!

Time for the real work, but how should I do this? Step 4 knows everything about it.

Now you have everything decided: what’s your giveaway, when, in what way, etc. It’s time to post your giveaway. Please note, that you don’t exceed the rules of Facebook. You may not launch a giveaway from your own profile but it must be done through your company’s page.

Finally it’s time… You’re ready! Post your giveaway online! Good Luck!

When your giveaway is online, check if people like it. Are there a lot of likes & shares? Finally, it’s very important that there is interaction. When people respond in comments, answer quickly & friendly! This shows that you are engaged with your giveaway. 

STEP 5: Who’s the winner?

The end is nearby… In step 5 you’ll discover the possibilities to choose your winner and thank your participants.

When your giveaway ends, it’s time to choose your winner. There are several possibilities to select the winner; via an app, the lucky one, etc.

An example is the app; ‘Fanpagekarma’, this is an easy and free app. When you click on the link you will find the website. Place the URL of your giveaway in the frame and hit the green button ‘identify winner’, your winner will appear. Now, you know who the winner is. It’s time to make it public. Let’s take the example of Amorie.

First, it’s necessary to thank all your participants for their dedication. Then you can announce the winner and make clear where they can pick up their gift. Oh yeah, there are no losers! You can choose to inform the participants that they can buy the giveaway, online or in the shop. Except when you used an exclusive of limited edition gift.

STEP 6: Evaluation

And at least, evaluate your giveaway!

Now, your giveaway is over… Evaluate if the desired result has been achieved. You can check this in the Facebook tab; overview, statistics. There you can consult the graphs that show the changes.

Will you become an expert in social media? After reading this blogpost. Check out this link! We advise you to follow the WebClass ‘Masters in social media’ of Storelaunchers. So you will undoubtedly grow fast on social media. 

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Do you have questions about organizing a giveaway? Don’t hesitate to contact our team! We are happy to help you 🙂

Good Luck, you can do this!

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