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How to sell your merchandise on your next event?

You can create more customer experience if you have fantastic merchandise for your event. But how can you create fans with your merchandise? And how do you popularize your merchandise to have good sales figures?

Based on our experience in events, we can share you the best insights and strategies that works for every event. Thereby, I advise you to download our e-book which is full of practical tips & tricks to boost your income with merchandise.

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The boost of merchandise on events

There are a lot of advantages if you have merchandise for your event. Most important of all, it’s a source of income. You can sell your T-shirts, sweaters, headwear, socks and make profit. Also, your name of your event or brand is in the spotlight. This will lead to more visitors and fans. Awesome merchandise creates visibility on social media. People are sharing pictures of the event, wearing your merchandise.

Let’s start from the beginning; how can you create a better customer experience with merchandise?

Choose quality merchandise

Your event is a brand. People are visiting your event, which makes your event/brand very strong and present. You can create a strong design for your brand to sell it. Don’t just add a logo on a random t-shirt. Choose quality, because people keep wearing it. It’s important to create a good feeling with your merchandise. Trending products on events are t-shirts, caps and hoodies. But you can be creative, and create a custom swim short for example. We also advise you to label your merchandise, this will bring your brand to a higher level.

Ostend Beach Trucker Cap

How to price your event merch

Don’t sell your merchandise too cheap, or too expensive. You have to find a democratical price for every product. If you sell your merchandise at a low price, people might think that your merchandise has a low quality. So choose qualitative textile and a good partner who has experience in printing textile. Discover the possibilities to print your textile: screen printing,  digital printing and embroidery are the 3 most common techniques. Make sure that you know the differences, the pros and the cons of these three printing techniques.

So if you choose for quality merchandise (we assume that you do that), this is a pricing guideline in the Benelux:

  • Headwear (caps & beanies): 25-35 €
  • T-shirt: 20-30 €
  • Sweater: 50-70 €

Popularize your merchandise

Create promotion and buzz, people have to know that your merchandise exists. Social media is here a key factor. Communicate creative, and tell the story of your merchandise. It’s also a good idea to organize giveaways.

E-commerce is also important to increase your sales, make sure that people can sell it online, and that you have a loyal partner for your webshop. We advise you to cooperate with our partner Storelaunchers. Also, people have to know the price of your merchandise. If they see it on the webshop, they can bring money to the event to buy it.

The merchandise booth on your event has to be excellent. Be creative with your booth, don’t lay your clothes on the table, like the old fashion way. Customer experience is the key. You have to think about the practical side too: people have to be able to pay in cash or with the card.

Hype-O-Dream Merchandise Booth

Boost your event with merchandise!

This article was only the beginning. Download the ultimate guide to discover the insights of event organisers. The guide has a lot of tips & tricks that are easy to implement.

Good luck! You can do it!

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