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This was 2017.

It was intense. As the infographic indicates, we worked damn hard. There aren’t enough words to describe how crazy this year was. But we did give it a try!

During our 12 month journey, 8 new employees and two motivated interns joined our company. So, expert teams were build, because it’s always about more than merch! Developing custom made apparel for our customers is truly a unique and rewarding experience. That’s why we invest in a personal approach for every single customer.

“1 year ago we had a meeting in a couch, right next to our desk.
Now we can choose between 3 conference rooms.”

Year 2017 Merchandise Essentials Infographic

The moment we stepped out of the box.
We have clients coming to our offices from all over Europe, so this year we decided to take our office to them. Result: A first Pop-Up showroom in Rotterdam (NL) to give our international customers the full experience. So keep an eye on our social media because you never know where we might pop-up next! 

There is always a next level. As much as our team has changed, so did our services. For example: we added the private label production
In consultation with the development team they can choose their new fabrics and colors, create own patterns and styles, … for their next collection. Everything is possible!


No shortcuts. Work for it. 

We achieved a year with BIG and awesome clients. I guess that idea of “smash the cowbell when you sell something” really stimulated the account managers.  

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