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Merchandise Inspiration from 5 famous beer brands

Inspiration: 5 world known craft beers and their successful merchandise strategy.

This inspirational article is aimed to give you an idea how big craft beers use merchandise to get more brand visibility. Little breweries can start small, and eventually, an effective merchandise strategy is the road to success.

Reading tip: Craft beers can implement a merchandise strategy to increase sales.
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1. Vedett

Vedett is a craft beer with an attitude. The Vedett Superette is the Vedett shop where you can discover creative products with unique designs. Vedett has implemented a great branding story, definitely one of our favorite clients.

Vedett T-shirt Parrot
Vedett Cycling

2. Duvel

Duvel is a Belgian Beer, known all over the world. Duvel has a clothing collection, from T-shirts, to sweaters, even oven gloves. Every design has the same style, which is very important to launch a clothing collection. Check out the collection below.


3. Jupiler: events & sports

Jupiler and the Belgian Red Devils

When the Red Devils have a match, the whole country is going outside to support the team. Jupiler made the official fan t-shirt, and it was a hit. There were more than 600 000 unique Jupiler t-shirts. All in red!

Jupiler Festival National

Every summer, Jupiler organises live shows in more than 600 Festival National cafés in Belgium. Music, beer, and off course, awesome t-shirts.


4. Mum Beer 

‘Mum’ is the international name for Belgian Chrysanthemum, the essence of the brew of the craft beer. Mum beer is a great example of how small breweries can use merchandise to create brand awareness.

The craft beer has unique T-shirts, black with gold shimmer. The gold shimmer has the colour of the beer. On several events, you receive a unique Mum T-shirt when you buy 4 Mum Beers. It’s an investment to give T-shirts for free, but you surely want your brand name on the front and the back of your fan.

5. Kwaremont Beer: Cycling

Kwaremont Beer is named after the village Kwaremont and the hill Oude Kwaremont. The hill is an icon in the cycling world.

The catchphrase of the brand is: ‘Brewed for leaders. Kwaremont is the beer for men who lead where others follow. Men who can move mountains with the determination of a child’. Thereby, the cycling clothing of Kwaremont Beer is legendary.

Fun trivia: the beer has an alcohol percentage of 6.6%, which is the same percentage of the altitude of the hill Oude Kwaremont.

Kwaremont Cycling jersey

From small breweries to world-known beer crafts, merchandise is the key factor to improve customer experience and brand visibility.

Do you have a prefered craft beer? And what do you think about the merchandise strategy of these 5 craft beers? Let us know your thoughts.

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