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Polyester label versus woven label. The ultimate battle.

Labeling, it’s a tiny thing… But a label is an essential item of the garment. A clothing brand without labels is not a clothing brand. So labeling is essential for the branding of your clothing line.

Did you know that…

There are lots of different labels? Looplabels, flaglabels, necklabels, woven labels…


The differences between printed labels and woven labels

These are the most important differences between the two labels. Look at the pictures above to see the differences between the two labels.

Keep in mind: don’t make the decision based on the price. The most important of all is that your label fits your style. So ask advice: what’s the best option for your design? You have to choose between a printed label or a woven label, but you also have to choose the type of label: necklabel, flag label, loop label,… Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through all the possibilities.

Do you want an awesome label, but you’re still looking for inspiration?

Polyester Label 

  • Printed label sublimated in full colour
  • High detail – for detailed designs
  • Feels light, more smooth
  • Effect: classy, more soft
  • Attractive price
  • Colour

Woven Label 

  • Your design is woven in the label 
  • Less detail, for basic / classic designs
  • More rough texture
  • Effect: high-class, authenticity
  • More expensive 
  • Black / White 
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