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Successful workshops in Rotterdam – 30.07.2018

Monday, the 30th of July 2018. What a day! Our team members, specialised in fashion, guided starting and growing fashion brands during interactive workshops and meetings in the pop-up showroom. What happens during the day? And how come that our visitors were that enthusiastic? You’ll read it here.

Workshop ‘Start your own clothing brand’

Mode Workshop - Rotterdam 2018

We’ve helped hundreds of smaller and bigger international brands. We combined our experience and internal knowledge to launch the practical workshop ‘Start your own clothing brand’. The workshop is perfect for people who have the idea to start an own clothing brand, but don’t exactly know where to start.

In Rotterdam, we guided dozens of people to start an own clothing brand. Henri-Philippe from our team went deeper into the topics how to launch your brand DNA, how to make a financial plan and he gave practical tips & tricks for the launch and creation of clothing collections. Also, he explained practical marketing tips in order to boost the sales figures.

Why participate?

No endless Google sessions, no information overload, but practical tips that you can put into practice. After the workshops, every participant gets a certificate. The certificate is an official proof, as you have learned the right skills to start your own clothing brand. Afterwards, fashion entrepreneurs got the chance to plan a private meeting in the pop-up showroom to see the latest fashion trends. The dream for a first collection became reality.

Workshop ‘How to sell in stores’

In the afternoon, there was a workshop for professionals. If you already started a clothing line, you could follow the workshop ‘How to sell in stores’. How can you make an appointment with retail stores? And how can you sell during an appointment? A good strategy and know-how is a must if you want to sell successfully to stores. The participants learned for example how you can react to the answer “I really don’t have time”. The interaction and shared experiences made this workshop a blast.

Interactieve Workshop - Rotterdam 2018

Pop-up showroom

How a crazy idea becomes reality? Well, a lot of Dutch clients come to Belgium for a meeting in our showroom. That’s why we decided to bring our showroom to Rotterdam, so we builded an exclusive pop-up showroom. The perfect combo: first fashion workshops and afterwards spotting the newest fashion items. That’s how the first collection ideas were made.


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