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Tomorrowland Merchandise: The rise of a festival fashion empire

Clothing label: TML By Tomorrowland

It started with one basic t-shirt, now it’s a popular clothing label. How can a festival successfully launch an independent clothing label? Read the story of TML By Tomorrowland, and discover the action points leading to success.

TML By Tomorrowland is a Belgian fashion brand, inspired by the legendary music festival Tomorrowland. The clothing label is meant for the People of Tomorrow who can wear an urban high-summer collection with an international look. You can buy the clothing on the festival, on the webstore and in 30 shops in the Benelux.

Clothing label Tomorrowland: why is it a huge success?


Clothing label = high quality

People think that festival merchandise are made from low quality materials. Why? Honestly, I don’t know, but it’s a fact that there is a lot of crappy merchandise. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake to make it cheap! If your festival merchandise is a clothing label, people associate it with quality. TML By Tomorrowland is an independent clothing label, inspired by the festival. So people see it as a fashion brand, not as festival merchandise.

So the key is: quality and fashion are very important to have success with your merchandise brand.


New collections and limited editions

The festival has a new theme every year so their merchandise is unique every day. Most important of all, the designs are awesome. They are created with a focus on the international aspect, so that a broad public loves it.


Dazzling pop-up stores

There are a few pop-up stores with an amazing booth. As the stages in Tomorrowland are crazy, so are the pop-up stores. This creates the ultimate shopping experience.


Collaborations with known brands

TML By Tomorrowland launched also an accessory collection with Diamanti Per Tutti, a Belgian Jewelry label. Result: popular necklaces, earrings, rings,.. The clothing label also launched the Komono x Tomorrowland collection. These collaborations enforces the brand popularity because of good quality products and an efficient marketing strategy. For example, each pair of sunglasses is ‘inscribed with words of wisdom, that will help you keep a magical perspective in life’. The magical fairytale is always present.


TML merchandise as a Souvenir

The Tomorrowland clothing label and accessories are bought for friends and family as a souvenir. The sales figures are huge because of the popularity of the festival. Consequently, the high price does not matter because of the Tomorrowland hype.


Social media madness

The aftermovie of this year was crazy popular on social media. Suddenly, the whole world knows that there was something special in Belgium. It’s exactly because of the popularity and the insane social media posts that people are in love with the festival.

There is an instagram page of TML By Tomorrowland with great pictures of the clothing. The clothing label has its own page, which makes the brand independent.


Fashion festivals all over the media-scene

Trends in festival clothing and accessories gets a lot of media attention. Wearing a cool sweater, or having an outstanding outfit is part of the festival. For example, We Can Dance festival is a popular festival for the fashion spotters. People get the feeling that you have to be trendy on a festival. OK, not everybody, we all know that one guy who runs in a unicorn costume at the main stage. But eventually, a lot of people want to wear a cool outfit on a festival.

And that’s exactly one of the reasons why the clothing label TML has a lot of success. People are buying TML merchandise because festivals become fashion festivals.

The ultimate merchandise experience

Tomorrowland started as a small festival. Now it’s huge, the whole world is excited to go to Tomorrowland. From a few merchandise gadgets to an outstanding clothing label. We believe that every festival can do it. Experience, quality and beautiful designs are the 3 main success points.

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Have a look at the TML shop

Disclaimer: this is just an informative article. We are not affiliated with the merchandise of Tomorrowland.

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