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What is a raglan shirt?

A raglan T-shirt or baseball shirt is characterized by the sleeves which extend completely to the collar in one piece. The seam goes from the underarm to the collar. Typically, the sleeves of the baseball shirt have a different color than the rest. Mostly, the T-shirt is white, and the sleeves have a color such as blue, black or red.

Nowadays, you can be more creative and unusual color combinations make the T-shirt a real hit. The opposite of a raglan shirt is a set-in sleeve. Besides the T-shirt, there are also raglan sweaters. The raglan sleeve has shoulder seams that run across the front of the chest.

The shape is comfortable, and you see it a lot in sportswear. Especially knitted sweaters are raglan sweaters. It’s easy to knit, in a single piece from the top-down. There is no shoulder seam.

Fun Fact: The raglan T-shirt is named after the first Baron Raglan who lost his arm in the Battle of Waterloo. The type of T-shirt was made to fit over the coat on the side where Baron Raglan lost his arm.


Raglan T-shirts are a fashion statement nowadays. It’s also a popular T-shirt in sports, especially the Baseball sport. That’s why the tee got its commonly used name: baseball T-shirt. There are different types of raglan sweaters. Check out the image, it shows the different possibilities for the sleeve.


Have a look at our raglan sweater, The Dean. What do you think about the raglan sweater? Did you already notice that the sleeves are different from other sweaters?

Comment on this post, and let us know what you think about the special sleeves of a raglan shirt/sweater.

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