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Organic cotton is the most skin-friendly textile. The whole world – all people and the nature itself – benefit from organic cotton as it is health-friendly and environmentally-friendly. However, what is organic cotton exactly? And what’s the difference with cotton or other textile? Organic cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. The production is made by natural processes, without any artificial inputs.

This means that organic cotton is not made with the use of toxic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Instead, organic cotton is grown on land that has been treated and given sufficient time for at least three years for the removal of all the toxic residues of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used earlier on it. The textile is actually made from original plants that are not genetically modified and that have not been treated with any chemicals like washes, bleaches, colors or scents.

This image shows you how the organic farming system work:


To sum up, these are the 5 most important benefits of organic cotton:

  1. It cares for the environment
  2. It protects the health of others
  3. It looks after workers
  4. It supports wildlife
  5. It loves your skin


Fairtrade cotton promotes global trade equality and supports producers from the global south. This means that fairtrade cotton farmers receive a premium price which that can use to cover production costs and development projects. These projects can be drilling wells and building schools. Actually, Fairtrade means that cotton producers receive a fair price for their crop.

Some fairtrade farmers still use pesticides, but almost 20% of all Fairtrade cotton is also organically produced. To sum up, Fairtrade cotton focuses on the cotton farmers, while organic cotton is more about the quality of the production and the cotton itself.

Global Organic Textile Standard


Are you convinced to choose for organic cotton? As Gandhi would say: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. It’s better for your brand image, your clients and the environment. If you have a clothing brand, you can communicate this message to your whole audience, and it will create an important value for your brand. We absolutely choose for organic cotton, it’s a priority to think environmentally and to produce soft clothes.

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