These clients are boosting
their revenue through

You built a strong brand. Business is thriving and yet there are still a lot of potential customers waiting for you.
How can you tap into this potential?

Merchandise is the solution

  • Merchandise is a highly visible product and proven conversation starter
  • Buyable Merchandise creates a low barrier entry to your brand
  • With commercial apparel you have a completely self-funding marketing channel

Reach new customers in ways
your competition doesn’t.

Let our experienced business manager show you how.

Eager to know more?


  • Convert your company’s identity into premium apparel, ready to sell
  • Determine the key performance indicators for your merchandise and convert them into an actionable strategy
  • Segment your key customers and improving your operating cash flow

Creative design

  • Translate your company’s core values & corporate identity into premium merchandise. We can produce fabrics in your pantone color.
  • Analyze your key customer’s needs and monitor international trends to maximize your exposure
  • Our art-director has technical expertise to design breathtaking clothing for your brand


  • Purchase of goods and production
  • Strategic planning and monitoring to achieve a maximum growth
  • Financing and analysis of the value of your merchandise income

Corporate reporting

  • Regular program of data collection
  • Measure the return of the investment
  • Evaluate the key performance indicators

Focus on your core business
We’ll focus on your merchandise!

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