Do you want to launch your own clothing brand? Brand Essentials is your loyal partner that assures the growth of your fashion label. From starters to established clothing brands, we offer specific services at each level. 


We want growth for your clothing label, in every phase.

Your clothing label is a story with different phases. It starts with discovery where you determine the strategy and targets. Eventually, we want to expand your clothing line to a global brand. We have expertise in every phase of a clothing label. Discover in the schedule below how we can help you. Our mission is loud and clear, we want to evolve your clothing label to the next phase



  • 1. Discovery

  • 2. City

  • 3. Country

  • 4. International

  • 5. Global



You have the idea to start your own clothing label. That’s awesome! First of all, you need a strategy with a business plan. Next, we guide you towards all the possibilities for your clothing line. From the creation of the design to the requirements for your clothing line collection, we take care of everything. Let’s discover your story together.

Download our free E-book ‘Start your own clothing brand’ and find out the practical action points. The e-book is based on the experience of starting clothing brands. 



Are you ready to launch your first clothing collection? Brand Essentials offers you the best products with high quality decorations. In this stage you will find out what it takes to run a clothing label and which products are popular for your target audience.

Learn from the best. Read the articles on our knowledge center if you want to grow with your fashion label.



Your clothing brand can grow if you create a unique value in your country. Think out of the box and discover our special decoration techniques and quality labeling in order to create your own style. Our retail network and knowledge in e-commerce fully support the growth of your brand. Last but not least, make sure that you plan an effective marketing strategy with practical action points.

Must read guide: 17 expert marketing strategies for clothing brands



Your brand is known in your country, but how can you sell your fashion label on an international level? You have the opportunity to extend your clothing line by creating full custom products. Thereby, we advise you the fashion trends and colours for each country and season. Last but not least, we can provide you a strong retail-network and organise your stock control. Storelaunchers, experts in e-commerce, can be your partner in crime. 



Your clothing brand is conquering more countries globally. Brand Essentials guides you in order to keep your fashion brand successful by managing your retail network and optimizing the stock control. Moreover, our expertise in international trend watching is indispensable for a continuous growth.  




Download the free e-book ‘Start your own clothing brand, The Ultimate guide’. Step by step, you will know what you have to do for the launch of your clothing brand. The e-book is based on the experience of starting clothing brands.

There are also other must-reads like case studies, articles, practical posts to discover in our knowledge center. Learn it from the best!

start your own clothing brand


Brand Essentials is a reliable partner on the long term.

Our mission is loud and clear: we want you to grow.

Our expert team guides you in every phase of your clothing brand. Unlike a traditional screen printer, we go beyond just the production. Your clothing brand needs specific services in every phase to be successful.



Your clothing has to be worn, so your design has to be outstanding. We are experts in creating designs for clothing and know all the technical requirements. Creativity is our asset, we transform a neutral logo to an awesome design.


You can count on our production team to receive a finished product. We require the highest standards for production and decoration. Quality is the norm, we want to create the best clothing your community deserves.


Small quantities as well as bigger quantities are possible. If you need a higher volume, we advise you to choose for full custom production to work out every detail of your clothing. The price for full custom production is thereby attractive.


Communities grow with an effective clothing strategy. Our knowledge center is a powerful resource for organisations. You can read interesting case studies, for example about the merchandise success of famous brands like Duvel and Vedett. Be inspired by these knowledge articles and empower your community.  


Our products are always premium quality. All of our textiles & accessories meet the high-end retail standards. Because quality is our standard, we can offer it at a great price.


We produce our textiles from ecological friendly materials like organic cotton, Tencel and Bamboo viscose. This way we can reduce the impact on the environment.


We track global fashiontrends to continuously innovate our available collection. We add new specific colors & items every season, so you can stay fashionable.


Interested in custom headwear/clothing? Or do you have a question about what we do? Let us know, we are here to help you!
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