Case Study: Hype-O-Dream impresses with festival merchandise

Launching a strong merchandise brand for a growing dance festival


The challenge

Creating a qualitative merchandise clothing line for Hype-O-Dream in accordance with the annual theme to stimulate the growth of the festival.

The result

A successful Hype-O-Dream clothing line: t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, snapbacks, sunglasses and custom trucker caps.

Some statistics

  • Fifth edition
  • 16.250 visitors
  • 1.700 merchandise items sold in 2016
  • Hippodrome in Waregem, Belgium

Hype-O-Dream grows with merchandise

Hype-O-Dream is a legendary dancefestival organized in summer at the hippodrome of Waregem, Belgium. Festivalgoers enjoy memorable DJ’s, a summer breeze and a setting in a unique theme. Creative merchandise is certainly a determining factor for the success of the festival. Pieter en Olivier, co-organizers of Hype-O-Dream, explain why a merchandise collection is absolutely necessary to determine the growth of a festival.

A festival without merchandise? That’s like you organize a festival without beer. Pieter reveals us three big advantages of a merchandise collection: it is a souvenir for the fans, it’s part of the customer experience and leads to free advertising for the festival. 

Merchandise is a souvenir for the fans, it is part of the customer experience and it leads to free advertising – Pieter, co-organizer Hype-O-Dream 


Merchandise strengthens the customer experience

The mission of the Hype-O-Dream team is a simple but a powerful statement: “Every year, we want to do it better”. The organizers create the ultimate experience with insane stages, famous DJ’s and a phenomenal theme. Merchandise Essentials stimulates this experience by launching a powerful collection line.

Free advertising: merchandise as an investment 

A lot of festival organizers invest in big billboards and posters along the road. Passers-by may notice the billboard, but eventually don’t remember your message. An investment in merchandise guarantees visibility during the whole year. 

Merchandise is not a cost, it’s an investment” – Olivier Lefevere

It’s easier to promote Hype-O-Dream a few weeks before, during and after the event. You can promote the festival continuously with an effective merchandise strategy. Hype-O-Dream visitors are wearing the sweaters in their daily life, even at other festivals. Obviously, the top-quality of the textile is a must. Be honest, nobody wears a crappy sweater.

Besides the free advertising by the people wearing the clothes, there is also an extra source of income. Hype-O-Dream sells the merchandise at the festival, but there is also a webshop build by Storelaunchers. Merchandise Essentials and Storelaunchers are closely co-operating. Therefore, producing your merchandise and selling it via a webshop is very easy with the two partners. 

Hype-o-dream merchandise

Merchandise Essentials & Hype-O-Dream: partners in crime

Olivier states that Merchandise Essentials is a reliable partner. The team knows the ambitions and the long-term plans for the festival. Quality and service are absolutely necessary to assure the growth of the festival. 

We looked for a great service and top-quality, that’s why we cooperate with Merchandise Essentials – Olivier Lefevere, Hype-O-Dream

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