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Christmas Gift.

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  • Cut, sewn and trimmed in Europe
  • Custom design for your company
Product Starts from
Christmas sweaters 50 pieces
Beanies 100 pieces
Scarves 100 pieces
Socks 100 pieces
Blankets 50 pieces

Interested in other fashion items? We have an extended range, feel free to talk to us about it!

Create your ultimate gift package.

Would you like to make a combination of different Christmas items that are completely personalized? Everything is possible, combine Christmas sweaters with matching socks or a beanie with matching scarf to get through the winter in style.


Each package can be shipped in a personalized box. In addition, through our Merchbot platform, it is possible to send out each package to individual addresses, completely hassle free!

If you want to receive your items before Christmas, order before October 12.

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