Your first collection in the city 

You know what you want, and you definitely want to reach your goals. Now it’s time to launch your clothing collection in the city. Discover your best selling items, and learn what it takes to run a clothing label. 

  • Your first clothing collection
  • Small quantities
  • Take actions, and learn from it

The first collection of a starting clothing brand consists of a small variety of clothing products. Step by step, we can help you with the growth of your clothing brand. That’s why we offer you the possibility to create your collection in small batches.

Our graphic designer examines your design and discusses together with you the most perfect result of your first clothing products. We offer you multiple top-quality printing techniques: silk printing, direct to garment printing and embroidery.

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If you want to grow as a starting entrepreneur of your clothing line, it’s important that your clothing line has a brand story. Your fashion collection has to reflect your core values, for example adventure, colourful creativity and broad-minded thinking.

Your brand story and the related core values have to be believed by your fans. Because loyal fans want to express the values of your clothes by wearing them. We, as your loyal partner, want to understand the vision of your clothing brand in every detail. That way, we can make your clothing label grow from city to country.

Soon, you will notice which clothes are the most popular after your first selling period. It’s important to keep on discovering the needs and wishes of your target audience. As a fashion label known in the city, you’ve just written the first pages of your brand story, which is a never ending story.

You have made your first steps in your city, but don’t you want to start selling your clothing in other regions? Together, we can take the next step by introducing your clothing brand in your country.

  • Storelaunchers on the importance of finding the right fit for your brand. We at Storelaunchers are literally specialized in commercializing clothing brands. We work with international brands and local start-ups alike and they all have one thought in common when it comes to influencers: Bigger is better.   Well, we know for a fact that this statement is complete bullsh*t. You need to find the right fit for your brand. Find an influencer that cares about your brand and that has the smaller but right following to back it up. It will save you a lot of time and money and will give you a way bigger return than you could have ever expected. Visit Storelaunchers, and learn more about influencer marketing

    Henri-Philippe Gardin
    Henri-Philippe Gardin Storelaunchers
  • I have embroidered trucker caps for my company. The effect is cool and unique. The caps are really an eyecatcher! The team is very friendly, thanks guys!

    Jesse Van de Kamp Hugh
  • The custom trucker caps for Hype-O-Dream festival are awesome. Everything is possible with full custom production.

    Olivier Lefevere and Pieter Merlier Hype-O-Dream
  • The trucker caps are finished perfectly, you don’t see printing lines and there will be no discoloration. The labels in the caps makes the difference.

    Joey Van De Vorstenbosch Quanta
  • Our snapbacks were delivered very quickly and the quality is topnotch. The caps are absolutely an added value for our company.

    Niels Feys
    Niels Feys DWF Dakwerken Feys
  • The snapbacks for Plus 13 are great. The result is 100% similar to the digital example. In advance, I knew exactly how my snapback would look. Their service is very useful and reliable.

    Niels Vermeulen
    Niels Vermeulen Plus 13


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