The smart way of boosting
your brand awareness.

You want people to notice you. But we’re being exposed to so many ads and once-in-a-lifetime deals that we’re becoming more and more immune towards them. Which is obviously making it harder and more expensive for brands and companies to break through the noise.

Recognize any of these?

  • You have an amazing product, service or company, yet not everybody knows it.
  • You’re spending a high amount on marketing but you do not achieve the desired results.
  • You’re looking for a lasting impact on potential customers.

The challenge

Finding a low cost creative solution to create
a lasting impact on potential customers.

Our solution


  • Your brand will be visible to an unlimited amount of people
    (those who you couldn’t reach using other marketing techniques)
  • You will create an impressive first look on potential customers
    (and leave an amazing conversation starter)
  • You will get exponential ROI out of your marketing budget
    (unlike other marketing techniques)

The well-known company Teamleader already took advantage of this opportunity by making cutomized merchandise.
Are you next in line to take this step?

Merch box - Inspired by Teamleader

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