How can you attract
the right people?

  • 201,000 open job offers
  • € 5,000 for recruitment advertising
  • Average time to hire: 42 days

The solution
Let your employees attract new employees.

48% of businesses say their quality hires
come from employee referrals

Global Recruiting Trends 2017, LinkedIn Inc.

There’s a battle for talent. Finding new employees is a challenge for a lot of companies. Annually, there are 201,000 job offers that remain open and it takes an average of 42 days to fill in a job offer. Now, how can we speed up this process?

According to current HR reports, it has been proven that employee referrals is a successful recruitment strategy. your current employees are the best way to attract potential employees. Let us explain why. Your employees meet new people with similar interests all the time. They talk to their family, friends and acquaintances. And several times, your company is the conversation topic. Your employees are living proof, they are the most powerful referral. That’s how your people can attract more potential employees.

Activate your ambassadors through branded merchandise

We know your target: attracting more potential employees. How are we going to achieve this? We will turn your employees into loyal ambassadors through branded merchandise. Clothing is an extremely visible tool, everybody notices it. Give your employees the chance to wear branded merchandise and they will feel appreciated and motivated. As a result, your people will talk more about your company, wearing your merchandise anytime, anyplace.

We design and produce premium merchandise for your people.

Employer Branding - Inspired by Google & Potrell

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