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Crazy Februari Label Madness

You didn’t receive valentine? No worries, because we didn’t forget you. We have a gift, especially for you. And what kind of gift! In February, you can enjoy our Crazy Label Madness Action. We double the labels in your order.

100 labels ordered = 100 labels extra for free



The Essential Labels are created by our team of experts who are specialized in the production of labeling. Your labels have to be produced down to the last detail. Precision, customization and sewing in straightly are important aspects during the process of production. That way, we can guarantee you the perfect labeling for your textile.

You have the choice between woven labels or printed labels. Next, you can choose if you want to produce neck labels, flaglabels or looplabels. The label can be printed or woven with 1 background colour and your design in 1 colour. The price quotation depends on the kind of label and the quantity.

Of Course, you can sew in the labels on our merchandise. The sewing cost is not included in this action. If there are extra labels, we can store them for free for you next order. That way, we can use those labels for re-orders.

This campaign is stil valid for the next period:

  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
  • 00 minutes
  • 00 seconds

A summary of the conditions:

  • The action is valid for woven and printed labels with the standard formats.
  • Minimum quantity: 50 labels + 50 labels for free.
  • Maximum quantity: 500 labels + 500 labels for free
  • The sewing cost is not included
  • The label can be printed or woven with 1 background colour and your design in 1 colour
  • The action is valid when the date of the invoice dates from 15/02 until 28/02


What are you waiting for? This is the chance if you want to finish your merchandise perfectly with labeling.

  • Sarah Desot EN
    Sarah Account manager

    Sarah creates your custom merchandise with an eye for fashion and details. She’s very excited to launch your own collection.




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