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Face Masks.

  • Premium reusable face masks, washable on 90°C
  • 1 layer of filtering OEKO TEX certified polyester and 1 layer of filtering OEKO TEX certified viscose
  • Customize your own face masks from 500 pieces
Custom Facemask - inspired by Alpro
Custom Facemask - inspired by Club Brugge
Custom Facemask - inspired by Be Quiet
Custom Facemask - inspired by Beter Bed
Custom Facemask - inspired by Car Next
Covid-19 representation virus

Why customize face masks?

Our world changed during and after the Covid-19 breakout. Personal healthcare and protection has become part of our day to day lives. We received many requests from companies wanting to keep their employees and clients safe. By customizing the face masks they appear friendlier and warmer than the plain surgical masks. And posted an opportunity for branding.

How do we make face masks?

Our custom face masks are made from 1 layer premium quality filtering polyester and 1 filtering layer premium quality viscose, both with an OEKO TEX certification. An allover printed fabric layer on top guarantees complete customisation. And because we use strings instead of an elastic, they can be worn comfortably for hours. We produce them in family owned businesses the European Union.

Custom Facemask - inspired by Danone

Custom Face mask Design

Get access to the very best merchandise shortcut possible! Designing custom face masks can seem daunting. Our team of expert merchandise designers will make sure your face masks will be worn and deliver extra brand awareness in a positive way. It’s not because it’s a face mask that it can’t be beautiful.

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