Dad Hats.

Ranging from €6.99 to €24.99

  • Premium quality product & service
  • Cut, sewn and assembled in Europe
  • Start easily from only 100 dad hats
step 1

Choose fabrics & materials

Cotton, acryl or velvet? Pick the materials that match your brand & style. Does your brand match with classy suede or rough outdoor denim, it’s up to you.

Choose fabrics & materials
step 2

Pick your colors

Don’t settle for premade dad hats in boring colors. Now you can choose the colors that exactly match your design.

Pick your colors
step 3

Unlimited decorations

Every embroidery or patch tells a story. Pick decorations like labels, prints, 3D embroidery, leather patches… And customize your dad hats completely.

Unlimited decorations
step 4

Choose your add-ons

Beauty is in the details. And with dad hats it’s the same, customize your stitching, eyelets or visor. We can print seam-tapes and even customize your dad hats stickers.

Choose your add-ons
step 5

Build a community

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Or we can create caps for you

Our examples

These companies already took the step

Professional headwear design.

Get access to the very best merchandise shortcut possible! Designing custom headwear requires a very technical skillset. Combining materials, colors & decorations to create a beautiful dad hat that people will love to wear is a difficult skill. Our team of headwear experts will help you create awesome dad hats that perfectly match your brand.

How we make your caps.

A video says more than a 1000 words. We produce your caps in an 100% ethical and sustainable way in our European factories.

Frequently asked question: What is the difference between a dad hat & a baseball cap?
A dad hat is a little oversized and does not have a structural reinforced front panel.

Small orders?
Short deadline?

We got you covered. We understand that sometimes you just need a limited collection or you need your dad hats really fast. We created a premium quality collection of readymade caps in 10+ colors, that we can embroider (flat or 3D) with your design. This way we can offer you dad hats from 25 pieces with very fast production times!

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