Create one of a kind products

Creating products means you can literally choose every fabric, color, style, decoration technique and details to make merchandise. Read on to discover who creates their merchandise and what the difference is with decorating merchandise.

Available products
Fabric colors
Decoration techniques
Production time
Starting budget
Minimum Order Quantity


Start from finished products and decorate them with your design or logo.

250 quality stock products
Fixed range of stock colors
Apply the 24 most used techniques
4 weeks (average)
€ 500


Create truly unique products based on the patterns, fabrics and styles you like.

Develop a one of a kind product
Dye fabrics in your own pantone colors
Unlock all possible decoration techniques
8 weeks (average)
€ 2,500

Who creates their own merchandise

Typical clients are businesses who are looking to to distribute, sell or gift at least 100 pieces of unique merchandise to their customers, employees or other stakeholders. We work with both local and global businesses who we helped recruit young talents, reward high value customers and attract early adopters. Don’t worry if your project isn’t finetuned just yet. We can help you in setting up your concept, match it with the right designs and then take care of the entire production of your one of a kind merchandise items.

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