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Screen printing

One of the most used decoration techniques which guarantees strong colors and a high grade of finishing.

  • From 25 pieces
  • Regular Screen print

    Regular Screen print

    A super high quality technique in which a mesh is used to transfer ink onto clothing.

  • Pantone screen print

    Pantone screen print

    Screen printing in your own specific pantone colors.

  • Gel


    Special variation of screen printing in which an extra see-through gel layer is added onto the regular print.

  • Water based

    Water based

    A more ecological form of screen printing but with the same look and feel.

  • Glitter


    A screen printing technique in which glitter is added into the regular ink. Giving it it's glittery finishing.

  • Crackle


    A form of screen printing in which the ink breaks up on purpose after drying.

  • Puff


    A form of screen printing with expanding ink which creates a 3D effect.

  • Sponge


    A variation of puff printing but with an even softer surface.

  • Glow in the dark

    Glow in the dark

    This decoration method allows the ink absorb the light which allows it to glow in dark spaces.

  • High density

    High density

    A screen printing method with special ink which transforms into a thick and solid layer.

  • UV


    This kind of ink only lights up when exposed to UV light.

  • Suede


    This technique involves a suede additive being added to the ink. It makes the ink puff and gives it that suede like feel.

  • Caviar


    A technique in which small plastic beads are being used to create your design.

Decoration - Embroidery


A technique in which different colored threads are used to decorate fabrics.

  • From 25 pieces
  • Regular embroidery

    Regular embroidery

    Embroidery with regular colored threads.

Digital printing

The perfect technique for full color and gradient prints. Creating a picture-like finishing.

  • From 25 pieces
Decoration - Sublimation


This technique can only be applied onto white polyester and has endless posibilities in terms of all over prints and colors.

  • From 25 pieces


A weaving technique perfect to incorporate your logo into beanies, socks and scarves.

  • From 100 pieces
Decoration - Appliqué


A technique in which a different piece of fabric of choice is embroidered or sewed onto your apparel.

  • From 50 pieces


A patch can be printed, woven, embroidered or made in leather and can be sewn or sticked onto apparel.

  • From 25 pieces
  • Velcro patch

    Velcro patch

    A patch with a velcro back finishing. Allowing you to replace the patch when and wherever you want.

  • leather patch

    leather patch

    A leather patch with an embossed finishing.

  • woven patch

    woven patch

    A woven patch that allows a high level of finishing.

  • Printed patch

    Printed patch

    A patch with a printed design.

  • Embroidered patch

    Embroidered patch

    A patch with an embroidered finishing.


Give your apparel a finishing and personal touch by adding labels.

  • From 50 pieces
Decoration - Hangtags


Add some info about your brand or business by adding ready to sell hangtags to your merchandise.

  • From 100 pieces

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