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We create your design

The graphic team of Merchandise Essentials creates your design, and this only for 150€/design. We are specialised in designing clothing. Creativity is our asset, we transform a neutral logo to an awesome design.

Your design is created from A to Z. Our team knows the technical requirements to print your design on textile. Also, we optimize your design to reduce the print cost. Especially, we want to create value.

Our mission: your clothing has to be worn  

How do we create your design?



Step 1: Briefing

We listen how your design has to look like.

This is what we need:

  • A moodboard. You can create one with Pinterest
  • Your logo and the files which shows the style of your corporate identity

Step 2: Design A & Design B

We create 2 designs. You can pick out 1 design.

Step 3: Feedback

You give us feedback and we adapt the file

Step 4: Feedback

Just a few adjustments, the last details and the ultimate finishing touch.
Hooray! Your design is totally ready to conquer the world! 

Price: 150€ per design
We calculate a custom price if there has to be done more than two adjustments

Here’s an example we made for our client Timmerman

Timmerman Design ME

Welcome to our collection day!

You can start your collection once your design is finished. Look at our collection, and choose the textile that fits your brand. Have you decided which decoration techniques you prefer?

There’s a lot to decide for your collection. You can plan a collection day together with our team. We create your collection in 1 day, and the production can start right away.


YES! I want a unique design

  • Ulrike Vandenberghe
    Ulrike Vandenberghe Account manager

    Ulrike is your perfect account manager! With her experience in fashion and excellent product knowledge, she can give you the best service. Her education as a graphic designer is an added value within the ordering process.


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