FAQ Delayed Delivery.

We’re terribly annoyed with the delayed deliveries of our orders. In order to communicate as effectively and transparently as possible, we have bundled the most frequently asked questions here.

  1. Why is the delivery of my order delayed?
    For the delivery of our packages, we rely on external suppliers. As you may have already heard or read, these companies are currently confronted with an unseen hustle and bustle. This is due to a combination of the end-of-year hustle and the covid-situation. At the moment, more parcels are being shipped than the actual capacity, and that causes delays.

  2. When will my parcel arrive?
    All the information available about your parcel, can be found through the Track & Trace link you have received. If there is an estimated delivery date known, it’s communicated on this page.

  3. Can I speak with someone about this?
    We’re always happy to listen to your concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your contact person, but please be informed that we do not have any more information than the data communicated on the Track & Trace page.

  4. Why have you chosen this parcel service? Couln’t you have picked another one?
    We have contracts with several different parcel services and always choose to ship with the service that has the most capacity available at the time of shipment. The current situation is so exceptional that every parcel service is facing the same delays. Choosing another parcel service, would not have helped, sadly.

  5. Can you call the parcel service, please?
    Of course, as a structural B2B-customer we have a relationship with the customer service of the parcel services we work with. Though, given the circumstances, we now know that we don’t get any additional information other than the information displayed on the Track & Trace page. We do file a complaint for every delayed parcel, so the customer service automatically opens an investigation and we can access information as quickly as possible. As soon as we have any news, we will inform you.

  6. Can I pick up my parcel at the parcel service myself?
    We have asked and tried it multiple times, but with no succes. Once a parcel is accepted into the logistic circuit of the parcel service, it can only be delivered by the parcel service itself.

  7. Is it possible to adjust the delivery address?
    Sadly, once the Track & Trace code is generated, it is no longer possible to adjust the delivery address.

  8. What more can I do?
    Sadly, at this moment, there is nothing more you can do than to be patient and trust that both we at Merchandise Essentials and the parcel service are doing everything we can to get your parcel delivered as soon as possible. As soon as we receive any new information, rest assured that you will be the first to know.

  9. I thought you promised me to deliver my parcel on time?
    We can never guarantee delivery dates and we will never make promises about them to our customers. That is why we always communicate about our “dispatch dates”, the dates on which the finished products leave our production unit, or the “estimated delivery date”, this is the date on which the parcel service is expected to deliver the parcel, in case there are no delays. Given we have no impact whatsoever on what happens after the dispatch date, we can never make promises about this.

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