Can I see some of your references?

You can find a selection at our portfolio page.

I need merchandise, but I don’t want to sell it online?

Sure! No problem! We can help you with that. The site is not compulsory.

I can’t find the merchandise I’m looking for on your site?

Showing everything we offer is a bit much. You can find a summary at our catalog page. But we can also produce custom items, just contact us here with your question.

I don’t know what to expect from merchandise. Can I just start small?

Of course. There are no minimum orders. But logically larger orders have better prices.

I really like quality, do you guys offer that?

We guarantee quality. It’s our main focus together with service.

I need the merchandise fast. What is the production delay?

It depends on the product, but we aim for the shortest waiting period possible. With our expertise we can help you save a lot of time in the ordering proces.

I don’t have a design. What now?

Our expert designers are available for all your design ideas. With years of experience in designing merchandise, we can help you create awesome stuff!

I need a fully custom snapback, can you help me?

Engraved gold plate, leopard skin patched, leather embroidery, from 300 pieces, we can make your snapback dreams come true.

I don’t know where to start with a webshop?

We’ve got you covered. Just say the word and we’ll offer your merchandise online without any hassle.

So really no hidden costs?


Do you guys print on demand from the webshop?

No, to guarantee quality and affordable prices, we have to print in larger quantities. So you need to purchase a small stock of merchandise to set up the webshop.

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