NEWGEN is a powerful clothing brand with positive vibes. The brand represents a ‘New Generation’, young people showing their belief by wearing NEWGEN clothes.

We were having a nice talk with Jesselyn, the founder of NEWGEN. When we asked why they chose to cooperate with Merchandise Essentials, she told us enthusiastically: « We were looking for an all-in partner for our new fashion brand. We needed a creative fashion expert, someone who could design and produce our clothes, a partner that guides us from the beginning until the end. And you guys helped us with all these things. Exactly what we needed! ».

Together with the creative brains of NEWGEN, we created their first clothing line during a collection day. The result? A mix of explicit quotes and powerful prints. The first collection was a hit, all items were sold out immediately. The fashion brand is trendy and triggers a lot of fashionista’s. As the demand was really high, we immediately planned a second collection day. Impressive brand, isn’t it?

By wearing ‘NEWGEN.’ You automatically spread words of life to those around you without verbally speaking and because of it being fashionable you will always look great!

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