How to design custom socks

Creating your own socks is awesome! But how does it work exactly? There are some key points that you should know. We summarised practical information in this article.


Custom socks with a design or a pattern are produced by a sock manufacturer. It’s better to choose an expert who works with good machines. Choose for woven socks if you prefer quality. Believe me, everyone’s feet will be thankful if the socks are woven. Also, you will have the best result if your design is entirely woven in the sock. Then it’s also possible to have a pattern.


But how are custom socks made?

Your design

You can choose to weave socks with an image or a pattern. It’s possible to weave your design if it’s not too detailed. Small lines or figures may be difficult. You have to advise an expert if you want to find out if your design can be woven. We always check the design to find out if it’s possible to weave it. Thereby, you have to know that the width of our standard pair of socks is 168 stitches. This means that 1 side has 84 stitches. The length depends on your size. Based on the stitches, we translate your design into the pixels. This means that your design is stitched in 168 pixels. To explain it mathematically: 1 pixel = 1 stitch The design is okay? Let’s go to the preparation of the production.

We prepare the production once your design is transferred into our program. The colours of your design are being matched with the thread colours. This means that every colour is possible, as long as there is a matching thread colour. The toes, heel, and ankle can have another plain colour. If the thread colours are chosen, the machine can be prepared. Your design or pattern is digitally transferred into the machine. The machine weaves the sock in a few seconds. We always do a sample first to check if it’s okay. The colours and the result of the design are being checked. If we approve the sample, we can move on to full production. After the production, the socks are finished manually. The top is being cut off properly. We prepare your design with our sock template. To have an idea, check out our template below.

Type of socks

Depending on your style, you have the possibility to create standard socks which are longer, short socks, cosy socks or sport socks. For every season, you can create your own pear of socks. Be inspired by these pictures of our clients below.

Sock Card Board

Here comes the coolest part: the cardboard of the socks. The socks are attached on a brown or white cardboard. The presentation of the socks depends on the creativity of the card board. You can leave a message on it, add the size, or just put a nice design on it. A brown cardboard with a black print is more vintage. You can have a multi-colour design on a white cardboard.

Attention points

Besides the possibility to weave socks, you can also choose for sublimation print or embroidery. We always advise to weave your socks because of the quality and the best result. It’s possible to embroider a design on socks. With embroidery, it’s not possible to have a pattern. I mean, you can do multiple embroideries on a sock to have a pattern, but that would be very uncomfortable for your feet and it will cost you a fortune. You pay for each embroidery, and that would be stupid to do.

The perfect solution is to weave your socks. Don’t choose for a sublimation print on socks. If I have to be honest: it’s ugly and bad-quality. Your feet would be desperate I think…   What do you think about the socks of Vedett we made? Awesome, isn’t it?

Are you ready to design your own socks? We can help you with that, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can start right away!

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