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How to start your clothing brand

Chapter 4: Let’s start your fashion brand!

If you have managed to follow everything on this list, you will be heading for the top 1% of new clothing brands out there.

Summarizing everything we just looked at, we hope you understand the important action points:

  • Create your brand name, brand story and logo
  • Set up a detailed business plan
    • Set your business goals
    • Define the finances
  • Create a design
  • Choose your items
  • Decide on labels and branding
  • Find a reliable partner: service, production, advice
  • Decide how you are going to sell your clothing
    • Launch your webshop
    • Contact retail stores
    • Open a pop-up store
  • Take epic pictures
  • Think about marketing efforts

There have been brands that succeeded with a small budget, but they have epic connections or they just had just plain luck. If you’re seriously considering to be the ‘next big thing’, you better be backing your words up with the quality.

Good luck! You can do this!

Table of contents

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How to start your clothing brand - Your first collection