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How to wash printed T-shirts for long term?

It might sound an easy question: How do you wash your clothes? Just throw them in the washing machine together with your towels? For sure, don’t do that. If you wash your clothes correctly, your textile will be wearable forever. After years of washes, we want your clothes to look the same like the first time you’ve seen them.

But first, we assume that you have chosen a good partner that uses top-quality textile with a good decoration technique. The textile has to be pretreated, and the print will last forever if there has been an underlayer before the printing process. If so, your clothing is totally ready to be washed. Here are a few tips that you have to keep in mind when you wash your clothes.


Rule number 1: Avoid the shrinking effect

You don’t want a t-shirt in XL that changes to a t-shirt for baby’s, right? If you have chosen for good quality textile, that won’t happen. We always advise you to print on pre-shrunk fabric to avoid that your clothes will shrink.

Pre-shrunk what? Read more about pre-shrunk fabric. 

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pre-shrunk textile has been put through a machine that pushes the fibers tightly together. The fabric is condensed by removing the space between the stitches. With this fabric, the shrinking process is replicated. So in short, pre-shrunk or shrink resistant means that a majority of the shrinkage has been taken out of the material. This does not mean that your textile will not shrink at all when it is washed, every fabric will shrink.


Rule number 2: Wash your clothes inside out

If your t-shirts or sweaters are inside out in the washing machine, there is less contact with the water and washing powder. It’s better for the quality of the print and colours. This is not a must though, but we advise you to do it. Also, if your clothes are dried outside, it’s better inside out to avoid changes on the colour(s).

Rule number 3: Use non-aggressive washing powder

Most of the washing products are not aggressive, but there are a few on the market that have to be avoided.

Rule number 4: Wash on 30°

We advise you to wash on 30° or 40°, but preferably on 30°. If you don’t wash it on higher degrees, the textile will not shrink and the print will not be different after washing.

Rule number 5: Don’t iron on the print

If you iron on the print itself, it’s possible that it will come loose. So don’t do it! It can be useful to iron the t-shirt or sweater inside out. That way, you can iron the total surface.

Rule number 6: Don’t use the dryer

It’s possible that your clothes shrink in the dryer, so don’t use the dryer. Actually, pre-shrunk textile has a good quality and can be used in the dryer. Although, we advise you to avoid the dryer if you want the same quality for a lifetime.

Now, you’re totally ready to wash your clothes!

If you keep in mind these 6 rules, you will never be surprised after washing your clothes. If you don’t wash your clothes correctly, you won’t notice it in the short-term. But off course, we want your clothes to last a lifetime. So be careful when you wash your clothes. If you sell your clothes, communicate the washing instructions to those people. We always communicate the washing instructions to our audience.

Good luck washing your clothes!


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