PHP Developer.

Will you become our new PHP Developer?

In brief.

Merchandise Essentials has become a thought-leader in the merchandise industry and is revolutionizing how brands create and use merchandise.

Company description.

Merchandise Essentials helps other businesses win by boosting their employer branding, recruiting, marketing and sales through quality wearable merchandise. Our solid focus on transforming your team and customers into ambassadors, helps businesses drastically increase their referrals and word-of-mouth. We are currently active in 44 countries where we already dress industry leaders like Facebook, Redbull, Twilio, Showpad and Brussels Airlines.

Job description.

In our HQ Office in Roeselare you will help develop Merchbot, our very own SaaS solution. The entire platform has been built inhouse and we want to keep it that way. Under the guidance of our senior developer you will focus on new features on the platform which improve the service we offer towards our enterprise clients with names like Vodafone, Mobile Vikings, Mercedes-Benz, Duvel, …

Personal requirements.

  • Experience is nice, but your motivation is the most important
  • Able to work autonomously and proactively as part of a team
  • Transparent (English) communication is a must
  • DRY code is a standard
  • Not afraid of new technologies and fast to adapt to a new situation
  • An eye for detail and quality in all phases of the project
  • A love for merchandise is always great!

Technical requirements.

  • PHP (Laravel, …)
  • GIT version control
  • Optional technologies
    • WordPress
    • Forge
    • Python


  • The ability to work in an exciting environment part of a driven team, bringing game-changing technology to market
  • A startup environment with career opportunities way beyond the corporate box
  • Competitive salary package including a laptop, Netflix or Spotify account
  • Regular meetings with your international colleagues across Europe

Your roadmap the first weeks.

Our onboarding process is well defined and thoroughly managed. We want every person that joins the Merchandise Essentials family to feel comfortable and reach their full potential as soon as possible. Your success is our success.

How to apply?

  1. Clone the repository ( to your development environment. Create your personal working branch, using your snake-cased full name.
  2. Configure a simple database using SQLite – make sure it’s included in your future commits.
  3. Develop a page where a user can request a present. The state of the present is automatically changed from DRAFT to REQUESTED.
  4. A manager receives the notification and is able to approve or deny the request and provide a small explanation. The state of the present is automatically changed to APPROVED or DENIED according to the manager’s choice.
  5. The requester receives the notification of the approval or denial and can actually send the present or cancel the request.
  6. Make it fully responsive and mobile friendly to earn some additional credits.
  7. You’re free to finish the complete project with your own style.
  8. Submit your branch and create a Merge Request.

Make sure to use commits/branches during the entire process to reflect your taken steps.

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