Colourful and top-quality kids clothing

From t-shirts to headwear, everything is possible to launch a unique kids collection.


The textile is 100% ecological and made from organic cotton. Choose top quality for a unique and valuable clothing line.


Design your collection with your own style. You can choose between a diversity of products, colours and decoration techniques. Everything is possible!


Our experienced team has knowledge to guide and advise you in the creation of your own kids clothing. Together, we go for the best result!


The girls t-shirt has a perfect fit and feels really soft. An essential t-shirt created with an eye for detail.

The boys t-shirt, perfect to play outside! It’s absolutely a must to add this top-quality t-shirt in your collection.

The kids baseball t-shirt is one of a kind. The t-shirt is a unique item, created for the coolest kids!

The kids summer t-shirt feels really great. It fits perfect for boys and girls. Let’s play outside!


The kids sweater is made from organic cotton and feels really soft. It’s a perfect item for your kids collection.

The kids hoodie, made for the coolest kids in town. Notice the details, and make a real difference with this hoodie.


The kids beanie is absolutely necessary to play outside on colder winter/summer days.

Make a real difference with the kids beanie pom pom. A unique and essential item.

The kids snapback, for the coolest kids in town! Create a unique collection with this nice cap.

The trucker cap is perfect to print your own design. An essential item during summer!


Interested in custom kids clothing?

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    Ulrike is your perfect account manager! With her experience in fashion and excellent product knowledge, she can give you the best service. Her education as a graphic designer is an added value within the ordering process.

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