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Hoe werkt het?

Zeefdruk, screen printing, serigrafie, silk-screening,… het betekent allemaal hetzelfde. De kortste definitie van zeefdruk is dit: het is een druktechniek. Natuurlijk valt er over zeefdruk nog veel meer te vertellen.

Zeefdruk is een veelgebruikte techniek en is wijdverspreid. In de omgeving van ons hoofdkantoor in België bevinden zich zelfs meerdere zeefdrukkers. Maar niet elke zeefdrukker kan je hetzelfde resultaat en dezelfde kwaliteit bieden.

Laten we starten met een korte geschiedenis van de zeefdruk.

Van de song dynastie tot een wereldwijd verspreide druktechniek

Het begon allemaal in China tijdens de Song Dynastie (960-1279 n.C.)..


This almost sounded like a fairytale. Back then, the chinese saw the advancements in painting and other forms of artistic expression. First, there was stenciling where humans created hand stencils. The method of screen-printing and stenciling have much in common. The earliest form of artistic expression that evolved into screen-printing can be found on the walls of European caves.

But let’s talk about the present now. How is screen printing actually done in this day and age


Screen printing: how it’s done

Basically, screen printing is a process where a layer of ink is pulled over a screen to produce a design. Let me explain the process with an example. Let’s say we want to print a palm tree on a t-shirt. We have the picture of the palm tree online. The computer makes a film for each colour. This means that we need 2 films: one for the green leaves, and one for the brown tree trunk.

Once the two films are made, it’s time to make the screens. We have 2 films, so we need 2 screens too. With light exposure, the green leaves are captured in the screen. This screen is now ready to be used. We do the same thing for the second screen with the brown tree trunk. Imagine that it’s like taking a photograph.

When the screens are ready, the t-shirts can be printed. There goes ink over the screens, and the ink fills the ‘photographed’ part on the t-shirt. Here, there are only 2 colours that have to be printed. After the printing process, the ink has to dry with the help of a drying-machine.

Whooh, now we have a t-shirt with a palm tree! I explained it really easy, in a non technical way. There are a lot of internet sources that explains the screen printing process more technical and difficult.


4 color screen print

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