Employee onboarding.

Getting your new hires up to speed and part of the company culture is one of the biggest challenges for HR managers. Next to developing their skills & knowledge, you have to guide them to become real brand ambassadors.

Bad onboarding causes high employee turnover, a negative impact on company culture and highly skilled employees working below their capacity. Learn how we can maximize your new hire engagement during their onboarding process.

De Merchandise Essentials oplossing.

Changing your job is for most people a challenging and daring move that causes a lot of questions. Will I fit in? Will they accept me? Is this a good move for my career? How will my first months look? A great onboarding package can tackle all these worries and create the perfect start for a solid onboarding process.

Merchandise helps people fit in immediately and helps them rapidly adopt the company culture. This makes sure that new hires fit in right away and feel good about themselves in the new team. When people feel better they achieve higher goals.

How do we facilitate employee onboarding?

Together with the client we determine the goals of the onboarding process combined with some key moments. For example 1 week after signing their contract or their first day. By determining this timeline we can create small and big merchandise moments to lock in certain feelings and behaviors.

After the Why and when, we decide together with the client what products and designs match their company culture and values. For example we helped a dynamic company with a sportswear package (jersey, towel, sports socks), so new hires could immediately use the office gym in style.

Deze bedrijven hebben de stap al gezet

Lansweeper Case Study

Lansweeper came up with an original idea to motivate their employees to come back to the office after all the working from home.

Read below how they dealt with the unknown of working at the office during corona.

Bavet Case Study

Bavet has a lot of regular customers & to strengthen their brand, Bavet needed one more little push. That one extra thing that would clearly set them apart from the competition. They needed their clients to be real life ambassadors.

The most efficient way to make that happen, was beautiful, qualitative merchandise.

Nieuwpoort Case Study

During the last two years, Nieuwpoort Tourism has undergone a metamorphosis.
A new look & feel was introduced.

Nieuwpoort uses the traditional channels for promotion, but the city is always looking for new ways to stand out. We translated Nieuwpoort’s dynamic and fresh new look into unforgettable merchandise.

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