Smart Merchandise Solutions.

Merchandise is a strong solution to many challenges modern companies face. The time where companies just bought some crappy t-shirts that ended up on the bottom shelf of everybody’s closet is outdated.

Our approach is to build real working solutions that deliver a strong ROI in the 3 most important fields: Sales, HR & Marketing. Merchandise will drive massive results for your company if you use it strategically and smart. Discover what we can do for you.

Our Solutions


Company culture
Employee rewards
Employer branding
Healthy workplace
Employee onboarding
Employee engagement
Workplace happiness
Employee recruitment
Applicant ambassadorship


Customer gifts
Churn reduction
Customer loyalty
Customer rewards
Sales incentives
Customer retention
Merchandise revenue
Customer appreciation
Merch Bombs


Social media
Brand awareness
Loyalty program
Brand perception
Direct marketing
Review motivation
Community building
Influencer marketing
Ambassador marketing

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Work wear
Fashion brands
Selling merchandise
Subscription renewals

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