Employee retention.

Managing your employee retention and reducing employee turnover should be an important HR metric when growing your business. Keeping experience and important skills in your team is crucial for sustainable growth. On the other hand losing your A-players is very expensive for the company.

According to SHRM, the real cost of replacing an employee is somewhere between 90 percent and 200 percent of their annual salary.

The Merchandise Essentials solution.

There are many factors that influence employee retention, but one of the biggest according to Glassdoor is “a positive company culture and values”. This means that you really have to actively build a great internal culture.

Merchandise facilitates the group feeling and strengthens the company culture. It brings the whole team together to work on the greater vision while locking in the clear company values. Having people wear the company swag, means they are engaged and invested in the company culture.

How do we increase your employee retention?

Our team of experts helps you determine the quick wins in your company merchandise. We can distill your company culture and core values into real cool company clothing people will love to wear. This first step really brings your brand in their hearts.

After the quick wins we help you determine key moments in the year and employees careers to reward and motivate them through exclusive merchandise, adding some kind of gamification to the culture.

Discover our awesome cases

Lansweepers’ ‘Back-to-the-office survival kit’

Lansweeper came up with an original idea to motivate their employees to come back to the office after all the working from home.

Accent: All about people

The employment agency industry is highly competitive and is all about people.
So in order to stay ahead of the competition Accent was looking for new and creative ways to reach new candidates.

The way Baracca thanks their employees

Looking for a way to thank your employees?
Need some more visibility?

Let the Baracca case inspire you to end the year in an appropriate way.
Say ‘thank you’ in an original way.

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