Healthy Employees.

A team that does sports together feels better, gets more energy and generates better results. Doing a physical activity at least twice a week helps your employees to have clarity and reduces stress. It has become a trend for high performance companies to facilitate sports for their employees.

Next to organizing several sports events, creating a Strava challenge or building a company gym, companies are creating their own sports merchandise collection to boost an active lifestyle within their company culture. Reward your active employees and motivate others to join them!

The Merchandise Essentials solution.

By creating unique merchandise for your workplace sports program, we help you increase the participation rate. Your team members will start running or walking in their branded sportswear and will motivate other team members to join. In addition to that advantage your employer brand gets a big boost and will be perceived as an active and sporty company, attracting highly motivated employees.

The 3 main reasons to do workplace sports merchandise are:

  • Reward and motivate employees to start doing workplace sports, therefore improving the culture, health, energy and performance.
  • You will generate positive brand awareness amongst sporty people in running competitions, sports clubs or just on the road.
  • Your employees will bond over doing sports together in matching outfits, creating a better team atmosphere.

Our unique workplace sports approach.

The best merchandise campaigns for workplace sports are the ones that perfectly match with your company on the one hand, and the sports event on the other hand. We’ve helped companies develop sports jerseys for a 10K run and we’ve helped companies build a step-by-step collection that can be earned by walking kilometers.

We even created a collection of tennis socks for a company that went playing Padel together for a sporty teambuilding exercise. We help you build a sports community in your company!

Discover our awesome cases

Silverfin: incentive to practice sports

There is a genuine ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude at Silverfin. There is time for fun in addition to hard work.

During working hours, each employee is given the opportunity to participate in some sports. And if the results were great!

Vision 21: Renewals and strong community

Renewal is the key to the growing success of Vision 21. Their goal is to create a community feeling and to turn their members into real ambassadors.

When loyal gym goers renew their membership, they receive a custom Vision 21 sweater.

TVH: The benefits of sporty employees

To celebrate their 50th birthday, TVH organized a running event. Employees who signed up to participate, received a sports jersey in the company’s brand identity. It became a big success thanks to their unique and personalized sportswear. Discover the positive effects sports(wear) had for TVH.

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