Merch Bombs®.

You’ve probably never heard of merch bombs before? That’s because we invented this strategic way of using merchandise. As a salesperson you often have client meetings where everything just clicks, the prospect is completely onboard with your story. How do you maximize the impact of this moment?

Merch bombs® help you lock in the internal influencers and champions inside companies. Use a Merch bomb on a strategic moment in your sales process to increase the chance of closing the next (big) deal.

The Merchandise Essentials solution.

A merch bomb is a package with several merchandise items from your company sent on a strategic moment to a client. This way you get a big marketing and branding impact on the sales cycle. A Merch Bomb® can contain several items like t-shirts, caps, socks and so on, and has a cool packaging that stands out.

A great moment to launch a merch bomb is for example between MQL & SQL qualification meetings. Your sales automatically sends through Salesforce a Merch bomb® with 20 pairs of branded socks for the complete department. This will put your company in the pole position for the deal.

How do we help you with Merch bombs®?

Our Merchandise project managers help you with defining key moments in your sales process. Mapping these crucial steps are important to maximize the impact of your merchandise strategy. Based on your lead generation budget we define different Merch bombs® that can be sent to boost your conversion rates.

Key in this strategy is automation, so we advice linking your crm or sales software with our logistical tool Merchbot®. This helps the execution of your merchandise strategy. Based on your team’s input, we pack & ship your Merch bombs® completely autonomously, so you don’t have any work and only reap the rewards.

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