Growing your team with highly qualified and motivated employees is key to continuous growth. That’s why recruitment and a steady stream of new hires is one of the biggest challenges for business owners and HR managers. How can you attract more talent?

Most companies work from the outside in. This means big advertising campaigns for recruiting new employees or hiring expensive recruiting agencies to do the work for them. But maybe there is a different way?

The Merchandise Essentials solution.

What if we could work from the inside out? What if we could mobilize your current employees to attract new people? Company merchandise is the very best way to transform your current happy employees into real ambassadors. Next time they are on a family gathering or weekend outing, they will be wearing your company’s cool clothing.

Not only will merchandise make your company top of mind with future hires by building brand awareness. It will create unique opportunities for real conversations with potential hires. Your employees will organically start conversations with people interested in joining your company, massively increasing the stream of new candidates.

How do we boost your recruitment?

Together with the client we determine how their company wants to be perceived and who they want to attract. This means if you want to be perceived as a fast dynamic organization we for example work on sportswear with an edgy design.

After creating the company clothing we help you design the merchandise moment. How are we going to give this merchandise and with what message? It has to be clear that the goal of the company is attracting more talent, so we have to communicate this in a clever way with your employees/ambassadors.

Discover our awesome cases

Lansweepers’ ‘Back-to-the-office survival kit’

Lansweeper came up with an original idea to motivate their employees to come back to the office after all the working from home.

Read below how they dealt with the unknown of working at the office during corona.

Lab9: 5 reasons to choose for custom merchandise

Lab9 has been recognized by Apple as an Apple Premium Reseller for providing excellent customer service with special focus on solutions, service and support for Apple.

Gediflora: the “Plus One-campaign”

Gediflora is a real family business and global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums.

They deliver cuttings from Brazil and Africa to cultivators worldwide, as well as from the USA for the American and Canadian market.

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